"It's definitely different," says Emmy winner Tatiana Maslany about Orphan Black: The Next Chapter, which will see the actor reprise her most famous role(s) in a completely new format: an audio series.

艾美奖得主塔提阿娜·玛斯拉尼谈到《黑色孤儿:下一篇章》时说:“这部剧绝对不一样,” 这位演员在剧中将以一种全新的广播剧形式重新演绎她最著名的角色。

"I was always very reverent of voice actors and always very fascinated by that process, and that was definitely something that I brought to the original work on Orphan Black: an understanding of just how sound transmits truth, or sound transmits intention, or any of that."


There's one other key difference between working in a visual medium and working in a purely aural one: "I get to do it in sweatpants, man. It's the best."


Just over two years ago, in August of 2017, Orphan Black wrapped its run on BBC America after five acclaimed, award-winning seasons.


But it turns out that the show's satisfying series finale wasn't the end of the line for the show's central group of sestras; their story will continue in The Next Chapter, a 10-episode audio series to be released on Serial Box, a streaming platform for serialized audio fiction, beginning on Thursday, Sept. 12.

但结果这部剧令人满意的大结局并不是剧中中心姐妹团的故事结局,她们的故事还将在《下一篇章》中继续,这部10集的广播剧将于9月12日星期四在Serial Box上发行,这是一个连载音像小说的流媒体平台。

"There's a lot in the world that can be expanded on," Maslany tells Bustle about her choice to return to the world of Orphan Black.


"The writers made so many cool choices while we were doing the series that you can kind of jump off of and make an entire thing out of. But also, for me, it was just getting to make something for the fans who have always been so loyal to us — and even after the series ended have continued to be loyal — that was an exciting prospect for me, the main reason to come back to it."


Another key difference between transitioning from a TV show to an audio series is that Maslany no longer had body language to help her distinguish between her many unique characters.


Maslany's performance was an incredibly physical one, with each clone moving and gesticulating and holding themselves differently. With The Next Chapter, she had only her voice to differentiate them.