1.out of the picture

【原句】You're out of the picture, kid. (S05E14)




out of the picture ①not important to or not involved in a situation不重要;未参与。②unnecessary in a particular situation不必要,多余。

扩展the pictures = the cinema电影院,如Let's go to the pictures tonight.今晚我们去看电影吧。


He used to be an important member of the team, but he's gradually drifted out of the picture.


The new systems cut humans out of the picture altogether.


2.black out

【原句】... and I kind of blacked out after that. (S05E14)




black out v.用墨等涂掉;熄灭灯光;眼前发黑;查禁;昏厥;对…实施灯火管制。

blackout n. [ C ] (UNCONSCIOUSNESS) = a short period when someone suddenly becomes unconscious暂时晕倒;暂时失去知觉。常用意思还有“断电;灯火管制;(新闻的)封锁;(广播的)中断”。


He can't drive because he suffers from blackouts.


The date on the letter had been blacked out.