Parts of midtown Manhattan were slowed to a crawl as a widespread power outage affected a busy swath of New York City.


Some of the city’s typically most bustling neighborhoods—including sections of the theater district, Times Square, and the Upper West Side—were left without power, and a number of subway lines were forced to either skip stations or halt operations.


Con Edison, the city’s power supplier, said on Twitter it was responding to the situation, although for many residents and tourists trapped in the darkness, it was not responding quickly enough.


As of late Saturday evening, the company’s live outage map indicated some 724 outages, affecting more than 45,000 customers and growing.



New York Mayor Bill de Blasio said the outages were believed to be the result of a manhole fire earlier today. In an interview with CNN, he was quick to shoot down speculation that the disruption was due to terrorism or another nefarious act.

纽约市长Bill de Blasio说此次停电是当天早些时候一处检修井起火所致,接受CNN采访时他立刻否定了这次停电涉及恐怖主义或犯罪活动的猜测。

Pictures and videos on social media showed befuddled crowds snaking along dark Manhattan sidewalks as the hashtag #blackout trended on Twitter.


The blackout also affected a number of Broadway shows, with some theaters delaying their productions and halting admission, according to the Broadway League. Some casts later took it upon themselves to perform songs for fans outside the theaters.


Ironically, the incident took place on the anniversary of the famous New York City blackout of 1977, as many Twitter observers pointed out.