11 Isabella escapes
11 伊莎贝拉跑了

1784 That Friday evening the wind changed, and brought first rain, then snow. Next morning the spring flowers were all hidden under deep snow. Mr Edgar stayed in his room. I was in the sitting-room with the baby, when I was surprised to hear a girl's voice behind me. I turned round, and saw it was Isabella Heathcliff. I was quite shocked by her appearance. Her hair was loose, and wet with snow and rain. She wore a light silk dress and thin shoes, which did not seem at all suitable for a long walk in the snow. Under her ear was a deep wound, which was bleeding. Her face was scratched and bruised, and she looked very tired. I could see that she was expecting a baby.
1784年 那个礼拜五的晚上风向变了,先来了一阵雨,接着是雪。第二天早晨春天的花儿都被厚厚的雪掩埋了。艾加先生呆在自己的房间里。我正在起居室里和婴儿在一起,这时出乎意料地听到身后有一个姑娘的声音,我回过身,看到是伊莎贝拉·希斯克利夫。她的样子让我吓了一大跳。她散乱的头发湿漉漉地沾满雨雪。她穿着一件薄薄的丝绸外衣和一双单鞋,这装束看着根本不适合在雪地里走远路。她的耳根有一处很深的伤口,淌着血。脸上伤痕累累,看上去疲惫不堪。我能看出她怀孕了。

解析:loose 作形容词时,表示松散的、散乱的;作动词表示释放、解开、散开的意思
eg: Loose sweaters are very fashionable.

wound 创伤、伤口
eg: Blood trickled from the wound.

'I've run all the way here from Wuthering Heights,' she said, gasping for breath. 'I couldn't count how many times I've fallen down! Ellen, please ask a maid to find some dry clothes for me, and then I'll go on to the village. I'm not stay- ing here.'

解析:短语gasp for breath 上气不接下气、呼吸十分困难
eg: He told us the news, gasping for breath.

'First, my dear young lady,' I told her, 'you'll get warm and dry, and I'll put a bandage on that wound. Then we'll have some tea. 'She was so exhausted that she let me help her without protesting, and finally we sat down together near the fire with our cups of tea.

解析:bandage 绷带;用绷带包扎
eg: The nurse had
disinfected the wound before she bandaged it.

'Oh, Ellen,' she said, 'I cried bitterly when I heard of Catherine's death, you know. And Heathcliff is desperately sad! But I can't feel sorry for him. This is the last thing of his I've got,' and she took off her gold wedding-ring and threw it in the fire. 'I'll never go back to him. But I can't stay here, in case he comes to find me. And anyway I don't want to beg for Edgar's help, or make trouble for him. To escape from Heathcliff I must go a long way away. How could Catherine have liked him, Ellen? I wish he would die, and then I could forget him completely!'

解析:in case 如果、万一、假使;免得、以防
eg: In case you need help, please call me.

'Don't say that,' I protested, 'he's a human being. There are worse men than him in the world!'