THE houses of Cambridge and Sussex which comprise Meghan Markle, the Duchess of Sussex, Kate, the Duchess of Cambridge and Princes William and Harry, are set to split their joint charity, The Royal Foundation - and some royal insiders have claimed to know why.

A royal staffer told the Sunday Times a break up in the charity would be a clear signal of a rift: “The foundation’s the one to watch. If it doesn’t hold together, that’s a real sign there’s a problem.” One of the Prince of Wales’s staff offered a reason behind the reported fallout: “William’s quite controlling, and he was in control when it was just the three of them, but now he’s not.

“I personally wouldn’t overegg Meghan’s role in all this because it’s unfair, but equally she knows what she’s doing as an actress from Hollywood.”


The Royal Foundation was set up in 2009 by Prince William and Prince Harry with Kate, Duchess of Cambridge joining in 2011 after her royal marriage in 2011

Last February, nine months after Harry’s marriage to Meghan Markle, all four made an appearance at a forum, but insiders seem to think that will never be repeated.

One from the charity told the Daily Mirror: “The forum was going to be an annual event and last year’s was supposed to be the first of many. It’s very sad it’s going to end like this.”