51.  What does the passage say about the startups?
 【B】They want to have a share of the seniors' goods market.
该题属于细节题,对于文中提及的startup(初创公司)的细节内容的考察,根据关键词回文定位到第一段的首句“The market for products designed specifically for older adults could reach $30 billion by next year, and startups(初创公可) want in on the action”,由此可见,startups的想要做的事是想要让一些上了年纪的客户使用他们的产品;
52.    Some entrepreneurs have been invited to Brookdale to       .
【C】collect residents' feedback on their products
   该题属于细节题,对于该题目是对 Brookdale公司邀请一些企业家的意图,根据题干关键词“ Brookdale”及“Some entrepreneurs”回文定位到第一段第三句话“So Brookdale, the countrys largest owner of retirement communication, has been inviting a few select entrepreneurs Just to move in for a few days, show off their products and hear what the residents have to say”,所以,Brookdale的意图是想要邀请这些企业家来收集顾客对其产品的反馈;
53. What do we know about SentabTV?
【D】It is a communication system via TV instead of a computer
该题为细节题,考察文中sentabTV的细节考察,根据文中第二段第二句“The startups product, Senta TV, enables older adults who may not be comfortable with computers to access email, video chat and social media using just their televisions and a remote control”可知,sentabTV是一家为老年人提供可以替代电脑进行电子通讯的公司;
54. What does Rodriguez say is important in promoting products?
【A】Winning trust from prospective customers
该题目是对细节内容的考察。根据题干中的关键信息,回文定位到第五段可知“when they get to know
 me and to trust me, knowing for sure 'm not selling them something- there will be more honest feedback from them”,因此,对于推销产品的关键点就是赢得客户的信任。
55.     What do we learn about the seniors in the Brookdale community?
【B】 They are quite at ease with high-tech products.
此题为推理题,对布鲁克代尔社区的老人(the seniors in the Brookdale community)细节内容的推理;回文定位到第九段及第十段,根据“People are more tech-proficient than we thought”及“He might have ended up in the wrong Brookdale community. This one is located in the heart of Southern California's aerospace corridor. Many residents have backgrounds in engineering, business and academic circles”,可知这些老人对于高科技产品很在行。