Section A Long Conversations
1D  aproject with a troublesome client
2B take wedding photos
3C nervous
4A start her own bakery
5D they have to be more responsible forwhat they do
6A behave like adults
7D those who respect her student commitments
8C those conductive to their academicstudies
Section B passages
9B they break away from traditional ways ofthinking
10C they resulted in a brand new style ofskiing technique
11A he won three gold medals in one winterOlympics
12B they die almost instantly
13D it has an instant effect on your bodychemistry
14A to enjoy good health while in darkmoods
15B they are closely connected
Section C Lectures or talks
16D they focus their attention on differentthings
17C they attach great importance to highperformance
18B it supports a piece of conventionalwisdom
19A the great variety of slimming products
20D they appear strange
21C culture and upbringing
22B the relation between hair and skin
23C adaptation to the hot environment
24B their skin coloring
25A their genetic makeup began to change