Long conversation 1

W: Kale, how did your drivers theory exam go? It was yeasterday right?

M: Yes, I prepared as much as I could, but I was so nervous since it was my second trying. The people who worked at the test center were very kind. Though we had a little conversation which calmed me down a bit. And that what I just needed. Then after the exam they printed out my result but I was so afraid to open it until I was outside. It was a relief to pass.

W: Congratulations.I knew you could do it. I guess you underestimated how difficult it would be the first time, didn’t you? I hear a lot of people make that mistake and go in underprepared but good job in passing the second time. I’m so proud of you. Now all you have to do next is your road test. Have you had any lessons yet?

M: Yes. Thanks. I’m so happy to be actually on the road now. I’ve only had two driving lessons so far and my instructor is very understanding, so I’m really enjoying it and I can’t wait for my next session although the lessons are rather expensive. 20 pounds an hour and the instructor says I’ll need about 30 to 40 lessons in total, that’s what six to eight hundred pounds. So this is time I’ll need to make a lot more effort and hopefully we’ll be successful the first time.

W: Well, good luck.


Long conversation 2

M: University of Leeds. Since you’re going to university in England. Do you know how much it is for international students to study there?

W: Congratulations. Yes, I believe for international students you will have to pay around thirteen thousand pounds a year. It’s just a bit more than the local students.

M: OK, so that’s about seventeen thousand dollars for the tuition and fees. Anyway I’m only going to be there for a year doing my masters. So it’s pretty good. If I stayed in the US, it would take two years and cost at least fifty thousand dollars intuition alone. Also, have a good chance of winning a scholarship at Leeds which would be pretty awesome. The benefits of being a music genius.

W: Yeah I heard you’re a talented piano player. So you’re doing a postgraduate degree now. I’m still in my last year, graduating next June. Finally I’ll be done with my studies and could go on to earning loads of money.

M: Are you still planning on being a teacher? No money in that job then.

W: You’d be surprised I’m still going to be a teacher but the plan is to work at an international school overseas after I get a year or so of experience in England. It’s better pay and I get to travel which reminds me I’m late for my class and I’ve got some documents I need to print out first. I’d better run.