News 3

(6) Everyone loves a good house party, but the cleaning up the next morning isn’t as enjoyable.

(5) Now, however, a New Zealand-based startup company aims to bring messy homes – and even splitting headaches – back to normal. The properly-named startup Morning-After Maids was launched about a month ago in Auckland by roommates Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst. Aside from cleaning up, the two will also cook breakfast and even get coffee and painkillers for recovering merrymakers. Although they’re both gainfully employed, they fit cleaning jobs into their nights and weekends (which is when their service is in most demand anyway).

(7) Besides being flooded with requests from across the country, Foley and Ashurst have also received requests from the US and Canada to provide services there. They are reportedly meeting with lawyers to see how best to take the business forward.

Question 5: What is the news report mainly about?

Question 6: What is a common problem with a house party?

Question 7: What are Rebecca Foley and Catherine Ashurst planning to do?