It happened at around 1:43 p.m., according to FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro.
据纽约市消防局局长Daniel Nigro说事发时间为下午1点43分左右。

The helicopter was flying in restricted air space and in rain and fog when it crashed.


The pilot, identified as Tim McCormack, was killed. The East Clinton, New York, Volunteer Fire Department said he served as chief there for 10 years. Before joining the East Clinton VFD, he was a member of the LaGrange Fire Department. With 15 years of experience flying helicopters and single-engine airplanes, he was certified as a flight instructor last year, according to Federal Aviation Administration records.
已确认飞行员Tim McCormack遇难。纽约东克林顿志愿消防队说他在那儿做了10年队长,加入纽约东克林顿志愿消防队之前他曾是一名拉格朗日消防队员。根据联邦航空管理局的记录,他在直升机和单引擎飞机方面拥有15年的飞行经验,去年还获得了飞行教练资格。

That model helicopter, which is used for executive travel, was flying in a restricted flight area when it crashed. Mayor Bill de Blasio said officials were investigating whether or not the chopper had received approval from flight controllers to go into the restricted zone.
该型号的飞机用于领导出行,坠毁时正在限制飞行区飞行。纽约市长Bill de Blasio说执法人员正在调查该直升飞机进入限制区域是否得到了飞行管控人员批准。

The building was evacuated.

“There was a shake and then a noise and then we just evacuated,” one man said. “That was about it. We just heard the ground shake, like it was an earthquake and then we went back to business. Then we got the notice to evacuate.”

“You could smell smoke. Not heavy smoke, but the smell of what I describe — burnt construction material started to come downstairs,” another man said.

“We had a very strange, very troubling incident this afternoon here in Manhattan,” Mayor de Blasio said.
市长de Blasio说:“今天下午在曼哈顿发生了一起非常奇怪、非常麻烦的事件。”

De Blasio emphasized that “there is no indication at this time that this was an act of terror and there is no ongoing threat to New York City based on all the information that we have right now.”
de Blasio强调说:“目前没有迹象表明这是一次恐怖袭击,就目前我们所掌握的消息来看纽约市并未受到持续威胁。”