If there’s one person who believes in following tradition, it’s Queen Elizabeth. The British monarch has been sitting on the throne for an incredible 67 years, and over that length of time, she’s learned which rules are worth breaking and which need to be followed no matter what.

It’s true that Queen Elizabeth has ushered in quite a few changes over her reign. In a delightfully egalitarian move, she changed the rule that would have placed Prince Louis higher than Princess Charlotte in the line of succession even though she’s older.

Now female offspring are considered equal to males and can’t be displaced from their birthright.

However, certain rules of the royal family are still strictly upheld. That’s why Queen Elizabeth is getting a little frustrated with Kate Middleton constantly bending the rules, especially since she’ll rule alongside Prince William one day soon.


Because of decorum, Queen Elizabeth would never disgrace the Duchess of Cambridge publicly for breaking protocol. But royal insiders are questioning if the Queen is getting sick of Kate Middleton making her own rules and ignoring decades of tradition.

Most recently, Kate Middleton made a shocking move when she bent down and gave Queen Elizabeth a kiss on each cheek at the Chelsea Flower Show.

While this seems like an innocent enough greeting, it’s not the way the Duchess of Cambridge usually says hello to her grandmother-in-law.

The royal family is famously against any public displays of affection, and while there are no definitive rules on it, this greeting definitely raised a few eyebrows.