Angela Ahrendts, Apple’s former head of retail, is joining Airbnb’s board of directors. She is the second woman to join the board of the home-sharing company.
苹果之前的零售总监Angela Ahrendts要加入爱彼迎的董事团队。她是这家民宿服务服务公司的第二位女董事。

Ahrendts left Apple in April but shared few details about her departure. She has a deep background in the fashion industry. Before Apple, she was the CEO of Burberry and has worked for other major brands including Henry Bendel, Liz Claiborne, and Donna Karan International. At Apple, she spearheaded preordering and online sales for new products and gave Apple’s stores a more community feel.
在四月份离开苹果公司以后Ahrendts透露了一些她离开的细节。她在时装行业也有很深的根基。在加入苹果以前她是巴宝莉的首席执行官,她还在一些大牌公司包括Henry Bendel, Liz Claiborne, 和 Donna Karan International工作过。在苹果公司,她为新产品带头做预售和线上销售,给了苹果商店更多的社区感觉。

Airbnb has cited Ahrendts’ “profound creativity” and a deep expertise on service as a reason for bringing her on.

The home-sharing company is increasingly pushing into services itself. It now inspects some of the homes listed on its site and offers boutique hotel rooms to make customers feel more confident that they’ll have a good experience. It’s also built up a crop of activities called Experiences, some of which have been built especially for its platform. As it expands into more areas of travel, including perhaps flights and cars, the company will no doubt be looking for advice on how to think about the experience of these offerings.

Ahrendts is the third independent member on Airbnb’s board. She joins Ann Mather, who previously served as Pixar’s CFO and chaired the audit committees for both Alphabet and Netflix, as well as Ken Chenault, former CEO of American Express.
Ahrendts是爱彼迎董事会上的第三位独立成员。还有Ann Mather之前是皮克斯公司的首席财务官,担任Alphabet 和网飞公司的审计委员会主席以及Ken Chenault美国运通公司的首席执行官。

Airbnb CEO Brian Chesky has previously said he’s looking for board members who can help usher in Airbnb’s 21st-century vision, and that seems to be part of the impetus for hiring Ahrendts. He said via a statement, “Angela has a reputation for pushing brands to dream big, and she told me that’s exactly what she hopes to bring to Airbnb’s Board.”
爱彼迎的首席执行官Brian Chesky此前称他要寻找董事会成员能够开辟在Airbnb的21世纪愿景,看起来这也是她雇佣Ahrendts的部分动机。他在一条生命中说“Angela能够让品牌做大因为这点她名声大噪,而且她也明确告诉我她希望把这优点带到爱彼迎的董事会。”