Now this is something to be grumpy about: Meme superstar Grumpy Cat has died.

Meme and animal lovers out there will be saddened to hear that the internet star Grumpy Cat has passed away. The news was revealed by Grumpy Cat’s owners on her official account. Grumpy Cat’s owners said the feline died on Tuesday, May 14, “at home in the arms of her mommy, Tabatha.” The cause of death was complications from a recent urinary tract infection.

In announcing the passing, Grumpy Cat’s owners said, “Besides being our baby and a cherished member of the family, Grumpy Cat has helped millions of people smile all around the world–even when times were tough. Her spirit will continue to live on through her fans everywhere.”

Grumpy Cat, whose given name is “Tardar Sauce,” originally shot to fame in 2012 after one of Grumpy Cat’s owners posted a photo of her on Reddit. She quickly became a meme sensation due to the permanent frown she appeared to wear. Since then, the Grumpy Cat account has amassed over 1.5 million followers and her Instagram account has over 2 million followers.
不爽猫的名字是Tardar Sauce,最早它的照片拍摄于2012年主人把它的照片放在红迪网上。它万年不变的皱眉表情在网上迅速蹿红。从那时以后,不爽猫的账户吸粉150万,她的Ins账户有200万粉丝。

Grumpy Cat was 7 years old when she passed away at home in Phoenix.