High-end fitness brand Life Time wants you to live at the gym.
高端健身品牌Life Time想要你住在健身房。

But if youre really going to go big, why not just move into the gym?

High-end gym developer Life Time plans to open salubrious residences in Las Vegas, Miami, and Dallas starting in 2020, the company said today. These luxury apartment buildings will be constructed next to new or existing Life Time Fitness clubs, and membership will be built into monthly rents with access to the other 140 locations for workouts when you travel. The company has 1.7 million members paying $190 per month for its gyms.
高端健身品牌开发者Life Time计划在2020年在拉斯维加斯、迈阿密和达拉斯开始建造以健康为主要目的住宅。这些奢侈的公寓大楼会建造在进行或者已有的Life Time健身中心,只要进行月租就可以成为会员,在你出差的时候能够在140家健身房的分店进行锻炼。公司计划170万个会员每月支付190美金用于健身。


Its another sign that the spaces where we live, work out, shop, and learn are all converging as people seek out the ultimate convenience: everything you want within a strolling distance. Lots of landlords and developers are considering how their spaces can be all things to their chosen demographic. What community a person chooses will largely depend on which brand they identify most with.

Last April, Life Time decided to fully embrace coworking within its sprawling fitness centers. It now has four locations with dedicated workspace, conference rooms, private phone booths, and tech support. With its new residences, the company is being more mindful of what its entire campus has to offer.
去年四月,Life Time决定和其不断开分店的健身中心合作。现有4处地点配有专用工作区、会议室、私人电话亭和技术支持。对于该公司的新住宅,这家公司正在更加关注其整个居住环境所提供的服务。

CEO Bahram Akradi says hes thinking about what kind of food and retail is located nearby. Some of that will be predetermined by the existing landlord, but in some instances, Life Time will be able to plug in its own choices. For instance, in Dallas, Life Time is building its residence and fitness center from the ground up and will be able to control which boutique and specialty retailers get placed in the development.
公司的首席执行官Bahram Akradi称他正在考虑附近可以有些什么样的食品和零售商店。其中一些将由现有的房东预先决定,但是有些情况,Life Time会插入自己的意见。比如,在达拉斯,Life Time的住宅和健身中心是从无到有,在他们的住宅中就会控制精品店和专业零售商的数量。