One afternoon,when Hindley had gone into town,Heath- cliff came into the main room after lunch. I was helping Catherine to arrange her hair,as she had invited Edgar Linton to visit her while Hindley was absent

解析:absent 不在的,缺席的
eg: Many people absented in this morning.

‘Catherine,are you going anywhere this afternoon?’asked Heathcliff.‘Why have you got that silk dress on?Nobody's visiting you,I hope.’

‘No-o,I don't think so,'replied Catherine,looking quickly at me.‘But you should be at work by now,Heathcliff.’

‘That devil Hindley isn't away very often.I'm taking a holiday.I won't work any more today. I'm staying with you this afternoon.He'll never know.’

Catherine thought for a moment. Somehow she had to prepare him for Edgar's visit ‘Isabella and Edgar said they might call here this afternoon.If they come,you'll be scolded for not working.’

解析:scold 可作动词表示责骂、怒斥
be scolded for 表示因为……而受到责骂
eg: Jim was scolded for breaking the cup.

‘Tell Ellen to say you're busy and can't see them,’he said.‘Those friends of yours take up all your time.You spend most of your evenings with them,not with me.’

解析:take up 字面意思是捡起、拿走,也有占用、占据的意思
I'm sorry I've already taken up so much of your valuable time.

‘Well,why should I always spend my time with you?'she asked crossly.‘What can you talk about?How can you amuse me?’

解析:crossly 故意刁难地、发怒地
eg: “Nonsensez!”said she crossly.

‘You never told me before that you didn't like my company,Catherine!’cried Heathcliff.

Just then we heard a horse outside, and there was a light knock on the door.Edgar Linton entered,his handsome face full of delight at receiving Catherine's unexpected invitation. I wondered if Catherine was comparing her two friends, as Edgar came in and Heathcliff ran out.

‘I haven't come too soon,have I?’asked Edgar politely.

‘No,’answered Catherine.‘Leave us alone,Ellen.’

解析:leave alone 不打扰、不干涉、不管、不理会
eg: The committe left alone his proposal.