The due date of Meghan Markle and Prince Harry's first baby is fast approaching, and the world is wondering whether the duke and duchess are having a boy or a girl.

While Meghan and Harry are busy picking out names, royal fans are also curious where the royal baby will fit in line of succession to the British throne.

The Succession to the Crown Act 2013 was a game changer, and is especially important for women born into the royal family.

While men previously outranked women in line to the throne, the new Act meant that birth order superseded gender.


As the royal family's official website confirmed, the Act "amended the provisions of the Bill of Rights and the Act of Settlement to end the system of male primogeniture , under which a younger son can displace an elder daughter in the line of succession.

The Act applies to those born after 28 October 2011."

Basically, regardless of whether Meghan and Harry's baby is a boy or a girl, as their firstborn child, the little royal will retain their place in the throne.

If Meghan and Harry's first baby is a girl, and they go on to have a son, the male baby won't usurp the firstborn's place in line to the throne, which would've previously been the case.

When Meghan and Harry's baby arrives, it will take its place at number seven, below the Duke of Sussex himself, who is currently sixth in line to the throne.