WeChat, one of the world's most popular mobile apps and social networks, brought home iF Gold Award for its smart retail innovation, Scan & Go.

It is the first ever Chinese product to win gold in the iF Service Design category.

Established in 1953, the German-based iF Design Award has always been known for its "Independent, Rigorous and Reliable" standards.


Scan & Go enables shoppers at retail stores to turn their mobile phone into a virtual checkout counter.

When shopping, customers use their mobile phones to scan product barcodes, view product information, get discounts, complete self-checkout, and pay directly within the app via WeChat Pay. There is no queuing up at the cash register.

"This concept shows a customer-centric scan-and-go-solution for an optimized shopping and retail context.

“All parameters of the good user experience are met in this service design, including touchless access, efficiency or ease-of-use in scanning of market products and the final payment and checkout. This is user-friendly design at its best," says iF Gold Award in its Gold Statement to Scan & Go.

According to statistics, sales during peak hours in traditional supermarkets account for 60% of total turnover, and on average customers spends three to five minutes on queueing and payment during peak hours.

With Scan & Go, customers no longer have to queue, and the payment time is shortened to one minute.