Kate and Wills really DO call Princess Charlotte 'Lottie'! Mummy blogger reveals Duchess let the name slip while talking to her VERY cheeky toddler during visit to Belfast

Duchess of Cambridge revealed Princess Charlotte's nickname during Irish visit

After asking the age of a child, Kate said: 'oh, he's the same age as Lottie!' 

The royals often used nicknames and terms of endearment for one another. 

The Queen, 92, has perhaps the most unlikely name; with Prince William calling her 'Gary' when he couldn't pronounce grandma as a youngster. The hard-to-believe nickname has apparently stuck.

Prince George, it was revealed by his mother, called the Queen 'Gan-Gan' when he struggled to also say the word grandma.

In January Prince George took control of his own nickname, telling a passer-by his name was 'Archie'.


THE QUEEN: Gary, 'Gan-Gan', Cabbage. The first two nicknames come from both Prince William and Prince George struggling to say 'Granny' as children. The third is apparently an affectionate name given to the Queen by Prince Philip. 

PRINCE WILLIAM: Big Willy, Prince Baldy. These two rather blunt nicknames were apparently coined by his wife. At university Kate called William 'Big Willy' - and now, due to his somewhat thinning head of hair, she calls him the latter.
威廉王子:Big Willy(大威利)和Prince Baldy(秃头王子)。这两个率直的绰号显然都是他妻子取的。在大学时凯特曾称呼威廉“Big Willy”——而现在,因为他头发稍稍变薄了些,她便叫他“Prince Baldy(秃头王子)”。

DUCHESS OF CAMBRIDGE: 'DoD', or 'the Duchess of Do-little'. This cheeky moniker was given to the Duchess by none other than Prince William. 
凯特王妃:“DoD”,或是“the Duchess of Do-little(无所事事的公爵夫人)”,这一厚脸皮的绰号是由她的丈夫威廉王子取的。

PRINCE CHARLES: Fred. Charles and Camilla call each other Fred and Gladys - as revealed in Princess Diana’s interview tapes.

PRINCE HARRY: Flash, Gromit, Potter. Nicknames have followed the 34-year-old throughout his life, and he was dubbed 'Flash' in his wilder days, thought to be a reference to fictional army Lothario Harry Flashman.
哈利王子:Flash、Gromit和Potter。这些昵称伴随了他34岁的人生,在他年轻的时候被称为“Flash”,这一昵称被认为是对虚构军队Lothario Harry Flashman的引用。

Other, more endearing names for Harry include 'Potter', after J K Rowling's boy wizard and 'Gromit', referring to Nick Park's animated canine creation.

THE DUCHESS OF SUSSEX: Tungsten. Royal new-comer Meghan, 37, has been reportedly called 'Tungsten' by her father-in-law in reference to the strong metal. Prince Charles has apparently given the Duchess of Sussex the name based on her 'toughness'.

PRINCE GEORGE: PG Tips. When she was pregnant Kate referred to him as 'our little grape' but the five-year-old is now occasionally known as PG Tips or just 'Tips' after the brand of tea.
乔治王子:PG Tips。当凯特王妃还在怀孕的时候,她就称他为“Our little grape(我们的小葡萄)”,但是这个五岁的小朋友现在偶尔被称作PG Tips或者干脆就是“Tips”。这个昵称的由来是一个茶的品牌。

PIPPA MIDDLETON: Squeak. Classmates at St. Andrew's in Pangbourne, Berkshire, came up with the name "Squeak" for Kate, and "Pip" for Pippa - names that were also bestowed upon the school's pet guinea pigs.
皮帕•米德尔顿(Pippa Middleton,凯特王妃的妹妹):Squeak(吱吱声)。伯克郡潘伯尼的圣安德鲁斯大学的同学们为凯特取了“Squeak”这个名字,也为皮帕取了“Pip”这个名字 - 这些名字也被用在学校的宠物豚鼠身上。