SpaceX will send a spacesuit-clad crash test dummy to the International Space Station as part of a trial flight for its Crew Dragon spacecraft.
美国太空探索技术公司将把一个穿着航天服的撞击试验人体模型送往国际空间站,这也是其Crew Dragon载人宇宙飞船试飞任务的一部分。

The mission will take place on 2 March and will also deliver supplies to crew aboard the ISS.

An array of sensors built into the mannequin's suit will help provide key data ahead of the first human passengers going aboard the capsule later this year.

It is not the first mannequin SpaceX founder Elon Musk has sent into space, having already launched the Starman dummy.
这并非Space X公司创始人埃隆·马斯克送往太空的第一个人体模型,已经有一个人体模型被送往太空了。

The launch was a demonstration of the private space firm's ultra powerful Falcon Heavy Rocket, which would one day be used to help transport humans to Mars.

Nasa plans to send astronauts Bob Behnken and Doug Hurley into space in April using the Crew Dragon.
美国国家航空航天局计划于四月通过Crew Dragon载人宇宙飞船把宇航员鲍勃·本肯以及道格·赫尔利送往太空。

Earlier this month, Mr Musk revealed the cost of a ticket to Mars on board a SpaceX flight would be less than $100,000.
本月早些时候,马斯克先生透露,乘坐Space X宇宙飞船前往火星的票价可能会低于10万美元。

Taking questions on social media, he wrote: "I'm confident moving to Mars (return ticket is free) will one day cost less than $500k & maybe even below $100k. Low enough that most people in advanced economies could sell their home on Earth and move to Mars if they want."