The Canada Goose parka has been the gold standard when it comes to winter coats. But with a hefty $800 price tag, the stylish parkas made with duck-down insulation are not the most budget-friendly option for most. However, that's all about to change.

A jacket similar to Canada Goose's is selling for $89.99 on Amazon and is garnering thousands of rave reviews. According to a magazine, the jacket is popping up all over New York City's ritzy Upper East Side neighborhood.

The jacket is made by a Chinese company called Orolay -- and its jackets contain 90% duck-down filling, which is the same amount you'd find in Canada Goose's $800 parkas. However, the quality of the duck-down filling may be different.

If you don't believe all the hype , check out these Amazon reviews:

"I absolutely LOVE this jacket," one customer wrote. "Initially I was a bit skeptical but after reading other reviews I decided to purchase. I currently live in an area where the temperature reaches to the single digits/below zero and so far this jacket has kept me extremely warm and comfortable."

Another shopper shared: "I live upstate NY it is colder here. I am wearing it now with the cold weather. Love the coat. Best buy ever for a coat."