Meghan Markle and Prince Harry are still basking in their royal newlywed glow.

The parents-to-be kept close during their three-day visit to Morocco, holding hands and exchanging sweet glances as they took in the sights of the beautiful country.

On the final day of their tour on Monday, the couple toured various crafts stalls run by social entrepreneurs in the country's capital of Rabat. One of the craftsman gifted Meghan a necklace, placing it over her head to wear as she visited other stalls. In a sweet move, Harry lifted his wife's ponytail after she put on the necklace and then gently rubbed her back.

This isn't the first time Harry has helped Meghan with a quick hair fix. As the Duchess of Sussex celebrated the release of her charity cookbook with an event last September, a gust of wind blew her hair straight up — but Harry was ready to jump to the rescue.
这不是哈里王子第一次帮助梅根快速整理头发了。去年9月,当苏塞克斯公爵夫人庆祝她的慈善食谱发布时,一阵风将她的头发吹乱了了 - 但哈利已经准备好伸出援手了。

The royal couple then shared a laugh at the moment. Harry momentarily rested his chin on his wife's shoulder — another sweet PDA move from the famously affectionate couple.
这对王室夫妇相视一笑。哈里还暂时将下巴放在妻子的肩膀上 - 这对著名的深情夫妇的另一个甜蜜的当众秀恩爱。

The tour marks their final official international outing before they welcome their first child later this spring. Meghan revealed last month that she’s due in late April.