“Tofu” cream. “Protein” lotion. “Ice white” facial masks. These are the nicknames that loyal Chinese fans of the skincare company Erno Laszlo have made up for the brand's products.
“豆腐霜”,“蛋白水”,“冰白面膜” 这些都是护肤品公司Erno Laszlo忠实的中国粉丝为该品牌产品取的绰号。

And when consumers get creative with pet-names for brands and products in China, it means that those items have become wildly popular.

Erno Laszlo's CEO Charles Denton is fully aware of the potential his brand has in the Chinese market. After entering the country's marketplace over five years ago by setting up several counters in department stores and shops on Alibaba's B2C marketplace Tmall.
Erno Laszlo的首席执行官Charles Denton充分意识到他的品牌在中国市场的潜力。五年前进入中国市场后,他们在阿里巴巴B2C市场天猫旗舰店和百货商场设立了几个柜台。


“Our goal [in China] is over the next five years to have 30-40 department stores [up from five] and 10-20 boutiques, which we call ‘Laszlo spaces,’” Denton told Jing Daily in a recent interview in New York, adding that “we will be launching our stand-alone stores with the first one in Shenzhen this spring/summer.”

In the West, Erno Laszlo is fortunate to have had a legendary line-up of devotees, including Hollywood goddesses Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, and Grace Kelly, which, to some extent, makes the brand an easy sell. In China, Erno Laszlo is still a niche brand, but it has accumulated a small number of loyal fans in recent years because of its high-quality products. Denton said that this loyal group of Erno Laszlo advocates would need to be the company’s champions for it could grow in the future.
在西方,Erno Laszlo很幸运有一个传奇的推崇者阵容,包括好莱坞女神奥黛丽赫本,玛丽莲梦露和格蕾丝凯莉,这在某种程度上使这个品牌很容易畅销。在中国,Erno Laszlo仍然是一个利基品牌,但近年来由于其高品质的产品,它已经积累了少量的忠实粉丝。丹顿说,他们需要忠诚的Erno Laszlo推崇者的支持来帮助公司未来的成长。