Parents in the U.S. are claiming the popular children's TV show Peppa Pig has caused their kids to start speaking in a British accent.

The cartoon follows the life of a pig, Peppa, and her family as they go about their day-to-day life in a fictional U.K. town made up of various animal families.

And now parents of children who love the show are noticing that Peppa's southern British accent and vocabulary seem to be rubbing off on those watching the show.

One parent wrote online: 'My 4 year baby girl loves watching Peppa Pig and I have noticed her accent and grammar is extraordinary.

'I'd like to thank Peppa Pig for the slight yet adorable British accent my toddler is acquiring. ' added by another parent.

A third parent wrote: 'The most entertaining aspect of my life right now is that my toddler now speaks with a British accent.

Writer Janet Manley dubbed it the 'Peppa effect'. Janet revealed that immediately after her daughter's first time watching the show two years ago, she started calling her 'mummy'. Her daughter also began snorting at the end of her sentences, just like the cartoon pig.
作家珍妮特•曼利把这个现象称作“佩奇效应”。 珍妮特表示,自家女儿两年前第一次看佩奇以来,她就开始管她叫“妈咪”。小家伙也开始在每句话结尾发出猪叫声,就像动画片里的猪一样。

And the 'Peppa effect' isn't anything new. Parents have been discussing about it for a number of years.

Since the show first aired, there have been a total of 241 episodes created as the show surged in popularity.