Louis Vuitton has solved the age old problem of where to keep your makeup on the go with its latest release.  

The luxury French label has released a miniature accessory described as an 'elegant lipstick case'. 

Already sold out in Australia for AUD 1,740 (£960), it is tipped for released in the UK later this month.  

Modelled on 1920s makeup boxes, the leather case boasts an Art Deco design and a lock inspired by historic Louis Vuitton trunks, engraved with an LV Circle logo.

It comes in two colour ways - chocolate and light tan - and is spacious enough to hold not one but two lipstick bullets with a handy inbuilt mirror.

According to Vuitton, the compact accessory 'can be worn as a jewellery or to adorn the outside of a favorite bag'.

However not everyone was convinced, with one shopper writing: 'The last thing going into your Louis Vuitton lipstick case should be lipstick.' 

Others declared they wanted the case 'immediately' with one fashion blogger tweeting: 'I am literally !obsessed with Louis Vuitton's new lipstick case.'