If you thought Apple's meme-worthy AirPods were a viral status symbol, then wait until you get a look at Louis Vuitton's ultra-luxe monogram wireless Horizon earphones that are set to retail later this year.

For the storied French house's first-ever foray into the audio market, it's collaborating with Master & Dynamic, a New York-based audio brand company to offer super stylish auditory accoutrements.

The earbuds come in four colorway options—attention-grabbing red monogram, simple-yet-sleek black, classic white, and yellow and blue LV stripes—and offer up to three-and-a-half hours of listening time on a single charge. The retail price is $995.
耳塞式耳机有四种颜色可供选择 - 引人注目的红色,简约而时尚的黑色,经典白色,黄色和蓝色LV条纹色 - 一次充电保证三个半小时的续航时间。零售价为995美元。

To house your new equipment, LV is offering a concave-shaped stainless steel charging case that is available in white for the matching earbuds and black for the other three color combinations. The charging case also provides the earphones with a total of ten hours of battery life, perfect for your on-the-go lifestyle.

These statement-making Bluetooth headphones are also compatible with both Apple and Android devices—including Siri and Google Assistant softwares , respectively. They're also compatible with all Bluetooth devices.
这些备受瞩目的蓝牙耳机兼容Apple和Android设备,包括Siri和Google Assistant软件。它们还兼容所有蓝牙设备。

This may be Louis Vuitton's first pair of headphones, the brand previously launched tech with the Tambour Horizon smart watch in 2017.
虽然这是路易威登的第一副耳机,但该品牌之前在2017年推出了 Tambour Horizon智能手表。