British fans of ITV's Victoria have been left 'massively insulted' over the news the ITV period drama will air in the US before it comes to the UK.

The Jenna Coleman drama is set to return to PBS on Sunday, but no air date has yet been announced for when it will hit British screen.

In the past, Victoria has first aired on ITV in August and arrived in the states in January.

But after the news of the Victoria's imminent arrival on US shores, British fans were not amused on discovery they'll be second in the queue.

One said: '@ITV Please explain why "Victoria" season 3 is premiering in the US in 6 days time? When is it going to be shown here? UK show about a UK queen and America get the first showing, something wrong there.'
有人说:“@ITV请解释为什么《维多利亚》第3季将在6天后在美国首映?什么时候会在英国上映?英国的关于英国女王的电视剧居然先在美国上映,怎么想都不对劲。 ”

Another added: 'Hang on a darn minute, so it's a uk made TV show about a uk queen...yet america gets it first like they seem to do with everything else. Explain to me how this is fair???'