She made a name for herself as the sassy Rachel Zane on US TV drama Suits, and producers want the now minted Meghan to return for one last episode a NBC production source claims.
梅根凭借美剧《金装律师》中时髦的Rachel Zane一角而走红,美国国家广播公司制片方消息来源称,希望梅根能够回来拍摄最后一集。

NBC Universal, who make the show, are reportedly willing to offer Meghan a multi-million dollar donation to the charity of her choice, if she decides to do the episode.

The role could show the Duchess pregnant as her character Rachel Zane, in a two minute clip, shot in the UK.  A NBC source told: 'We could be done in half a day or less.'No final figure has yet been arrived at but negotiations are likely to be opened in the very near future.

'I've heard sums ranging from two to six million being kicked around and that sounds a lot – but it would be one of the biggest marketing coups in TV history.'

The Duchess of Sussex starred in the TV show as Rachel Zane from 2010, but left the show to join the concentrate on her charity projects and to marry Prince Harry last May.
从2010年开始梅根就饰演《金装律师》中的Rachel Zane,但是从去年5月和哈里王子结婚,她就离开了剧组,把重心放到慈善工作上之后。

Her last episode was aired in the UK in April, just a month before she married Harry in Windsor Castle.  It saw her character get the happy ending she was hoping for, by marrying her on screen boyfriend Mike Ross.
她拍的最后一集在英国的4月份上映,就在她和威廉王子在温莎城堡结婚的前一个月。剧中她扮演的角色如同期望的一样,和男朋友Mike Ross喜结连理。

NBC bosses have revealed that the possible story-line could 'mirror real-life' as it would show her pregnant and happy living with Mike in the UK.   They also went on to hint that her cameo could prove a big hit for the shows ratings.

Both NBC and Kensington Palace have been approached for a comment. Most of Meghan's Suits co-stars joined her last May when she married Prince Harry. Gabriel Macht, who plays Harvey and also Patrick J Adams, who plays Mike Ross, her onscreen love interest, were both there on the day.  
目前在联系NBC和肯辛顿宫对此事作出回应。大部分和梅根一起出演《金装律师》的演员都被邀请去了她和哈里的婚宴。饰演Harvey的Gabriel Macht,还有剧中梅根的爱人由Patrick J Adams出演的Mike Ross他们也都去了。