Justin Bieber has released the first item from his clothing line - and it's already sold out.

The singer's first foray into the fashion world came in the form of slippers.

The slippers, which resemble hotel room slippers, feature the Drew House logo and were available on Bieber's brand's website, thehouseofdrew.com for $4.99.
这款拖鞋与酒店里的拖鞋相似,拖鞋上还绣着Drew House的商标。人们可以从比伯的品牌网站thehouseofdrew.com上购买这款产品,其售价为4.99美元。

The slippers sold out shortly after they were released, a testament to the future success of the pop star's new line.

On Instagram, where the brand already has more than 106,000 followers, a photo of the slippers received more than 61,000 likes.

“Waiting for a restock,” one person commented after the white slippers had sold out.

It is said that Bieber has regularly been spotting wearing his own merchandise, including a Drew hoodie and Drew necklaces.

On the website, the brand's "about us" reads: “Drew House is a place where you can be yourself.”
在其品牌网站上,其“公司简介”处写着:“Drew House是你可以做自己的地方。”

The singer also trademarked the name of his fashion line in February.