When he stood before Congress in April, following yet another scandal at Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg declared 'We don't sell data to anyone'.

A new expose has revealed that Facebook gave 150 companies access to hundreds of millions of users' data without their knowledge or consent.

It is revealed that the amount of data Cambridge Analytica received from a Facebook app paled in comparison to the access that was granted to its biggest partners, including Amazon, Spotify, and Netflix.
据透露,与脸书授权给亚马逊、声田(Spotify,在线流媒体音乐播放平台)以及奈飞等重要合作伙伴可以访问的信息量相比,Cambridge Analytica(英国数据分析公司)从脸书应用软件上获取的数据量则要少得多。

Facebook gave Netflix, Spotify, and the Royal Bank of Canada the ability to read, write, and delete Facebook users' private messages, according to the internal records.

It also allowed Microsoft's search engine, known as Bing, to see the name of all Facebook users' friends without their consent. Amazon was allowed to obtain users' names and contact information.

As of last year, Sony, Microsoft, and Amazon could all obtain users' email addresses.

Facebook never received monetary payment for this kind of access, which was permitted even if its users had disabled all data sharing on their profile.

Facebook denied that these companies misused users' data, although it did not touch on the revelation of just how much data their partners were given access to.