Side hustles allow you to earn extra income, supplement a still-growing business, or get paid for a hobby you enjoy.

Many people hesitate to start a side business because they think it'll be complicated. But the truth is, it doesn't have to be.

You don't need to go to an office, hire employees, or spend hours cold-calling to succeed.

Here are 2 side hustles you can start from your couch.
这里有两种兼职,你躺在沙发里都可以做 :



We all have that friend who corrects everyone’s grammar or finds typos in menus and street signs. If you have a knack for finding mistakes in your native language, you could get paid to proofread.

Freelancing websites like Upwork and Fiverr have a steady stream of proofreading jobs, or you can start asking your friends and business connections to help them eliminate errors in their writing.

Proofreading rates can vary widely. Proofreaders who charge per word can command rates from 2¢ to 7¢ per word, or anywhere from $10 to $90 per hour. Rates depend on the quality of the job, the turnaround time, and the importance of the final document.



I know what you’re thinking: Seriously? Didn’t everyone and his cousin already bail on their blogs because they got tired of the content-generation hamster wheel? It may feel that way, but if you’re passionate enough about a subject, it might not feel like work.
我知道你在想什么:“真的吗?大家不是都已经不写博客了吗?重复不停地写内容,已经厌倦了。” 可能会有这种感觉,但如果你对某个主题有足够强烈的兴趣,那可能就不会觉得是在工作了。

And believe it or not, the market is still not saturated. There are millions of topics that people search for every day, and many of them have not been written about yet.

Even if your blog is about a popular topic, you can still find your unique angle, says Henneke Duistermaat in her book Blog to Win Business. You can safely assume that everything about your topic has been written already, she admits. However, nobody has said it yet in the way you can say it.

There are many paths to a profitable blog. Like niche websites, you can promote products through affiliate programs and collect a percentage of each sale. Or you can place ads on each page of your blog and collect a few cents for each impression, or person who views the ad. Another option is to sell information products (see No. 1) to the readers of your blog.

If you choose your subject well and use multiple money-making strategies for your blog, you can see monthly earnings of a few hundred dollars to a few thousand dollars over time.

If you have a smartphone or computer and an internet connection, the money is yours for the taking. Whether you choose to write, teach, or help someone else succeed, you can start building your profitable side hustle today.


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