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要做第1题,需要关注好听力的开头,通过第1句的deliver fourth generation or 4G mobile coverage to the moon以及第2句的provide the moon with its first ever mobile phone network就可得出答案选择Set up a mobile phone network on the moon. 利用所听即所得就可得出答案。

做第2题,需要关注听力的结尾部分,利用答案提示词because来定位,就可找到答案句This is because this generation networks are still in testing and trial phases. This means that a 5G network may not yet be stable enough to work on the moon's surface. 利用同义替换,得到答案It is stable.


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做首题第3题,需要关注听力的开头部分。通过答案提示词but定位到答案句but there were no reports of any injuries.,根据所听即所得,答案选择No injuries were yet reported.

做第4题,需要关注听力的结尾部分。倒数第2句In 2014 City Hall developed a plan to knock down the building and replace it with affordable housing.,根据developed a plan to knock down the building就可得出答案是Pull down the deserted shopping mall.,涉及到词组的同义替换,pull down 替换了原文的knock down。


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要做首题第5题,需要关注听力的开头,根据答案提示短语due to定位到答案句,This is after the country's main manufacturer stopped sales due to a potato shortage.,根据关键词potato shortage得出答案为Insufficient potato supply.,这里涉及到了同义替换。

要做第6题,需要关注听力中间的部分。原因目的是听力常考的出题点,本题就是考到了原因。答案句为Japan says fear of disease is its main reason to block fresh imports.,根据fear of disease得出答案为It is afraid of the spread of disease. ,这里也涉及到了同义替换。

要做最后一题第7题,需要关注听力结尾的部分。利用答案提示词but进行定位,找到答案句But global warming has raised the possibility that domestic produce could be seriously affected by rare weather events more often.,所听即所得,所以答案选择Global warming.


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要做第8题首题,需要关注听力开头部分。根据首句Mr. Brown's lectures are so boring. ,boring同义替换为dull,所以答案选择Dull.

要做第9题,需要关注问答原则,也就是去着重听女士说的话。文中多处提示了答案,根据语气提示词well定位到Well, what I do is keep my pen moving. ,答案提示词but所在的句子But it has to be done by hand, not typing on the keyboard.,以及One of the most effective ways to concentrate is to write things down.,这3句都提示我们答案选择She takes notes.,此处主要涉及到简单的同义替换。

要做第10题,还是需要关注问答原则,关注女士说的话,根据答案提示词also后面的句子It can keep the mind active, prevent getting bored and help to concentrate.,可得出答案It keeps her mind active. 本题使用所听即所得即可做出。

要做第11题,需要关注女士最后说的话,If I'm at home and I need to study, what I do is read out loud. It has a similar effect to writing by hand, it helps memorize information in a physical way.

根据同义替换,即可得出答案为It helps her better remember what she learns.


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要做第12题,根据开头女士说的话We went there about ten years ago for our honeymoon. 就可以得出,答案选择To spend her honeymoon.,抓住关键词honeymoon即可。

做第13题,根据女士的回答The emperor loved the princess so much and was so sad when she died that he ordered the palace to be built in her honor. 可得出第13题选择In memory of a princess. ,in one's honor替换为in memory of sb.

做第14题,还是关注女士的回答,It's all built in this white stone and some walls of the building are decorated with jewels. 可得出答案为It has walls decorated with jewels.,用所听即所得即可做出答案。

做第15题,根据女士的回答Yes, very crowded in many cities. 就可得出答案为They are mostly crowded.,所听即所得。要注意,并不是所有的but后面的内容一定是答案,出题老师可能会在这里设置陷阱。


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要做首题第16题,需要关注听力开头,用答案提示短语for instance定位到答案句For instance, around three-quarters say that public libraries provide them with the resources they need. 所以答案选择They provide residents with the resources needed.,所听即所得。

要做第17题,定位到短文的中间部分。根据And roughly half think their libraries contribute “a lot” to their communities in terms of helping spark creativity among young people 就可得出,答案为By inspiring their creativity.,spark creativity同义替换为inspire one's creativity。

要做第18题,关注短文的结尾部分。根据Some 48% of adults specifically visited a library in the past 12 months, a modest increase from the 44% who said that in late 2015. 就可得出,答案为Their number increased modestly,a modest increase同义替换为number increased modestly.


Passage 2:

本篇短文是生物题材的,主要讲的是草原猫Savannah cat,介绍了它的来源、体型、身体特征和性格特征。

要做首题第19题,需要关注听力的开头,根据首句A Savannah cat is a cross breed between a domestic cat and a serval, a medium-sized, large-eared wild African cat called the serval.就可得出,答案选择It is an unusual cross breed.,所听即所得。

要做第20题,需要关注听力的中间部分,根据They are also commonly compared to dogs in their loyalty.,得出答案选择They are as loyal as dogs. ,这里涉及到了同义替换。

要做最后一题第21题,要关注听力的结尾部分。根据Some owners even shower with their Savannah cats.,可得出答案为They shower with them.,所听即所得。


Passage 3:


要做首题第22题,需要关注听力的开头。根据首句When children start school for their very first time, parents often feel a sense of excitement coupled with a touch of sadness of the end of the era.中的 a sense of excitement coupled with a touch of sadness,就可以得出答案选择Excited but somewhat sad.,这里涉及到了简单的同义替换。

要做第23题,用答案提示词but定位到答案句But of course, this is not the start of your child's education which in fact begun at birth.,答案选择It starts the moment they are born.,这里也涉及到了同义替换。

要做第24题,根据Back then, you would have been your child's most influential teachers.以及Your child will naturally copy you, so it is important that you are seeing, reading and enjoying books, newspapers and magazines…可以得出答案选择Set a good example for them to follow.,这里需要理解句意,涉及到了同义替换。

要做第25题,需要关注听力的结尾部分。根据a child's home life is of key importance. It is the determining factor of their academic success.,问题问的是What does the passage say is the key factor of children's academic success? 所以答案为Their home life.,所听即所得就可得出答案。