1. A) It can benefit professionals and non-professionals alike.

2. B) Stories about some female physicists.

3. C) By including lots of fascinating knowledge.

4. D) It provides experiments they can do themselves.

5. D)He has not idea how to proceed with his dissertation.

6. A) It is too broad.

7. B) Nature.

8. C) List the parameters first.

9. A) The unprecedented high temperature in Greenland.

10. C) It typiaclly appears about once every ten years.

11. B) Iceless summers in the Arctic.

12. C) A strong determination.

13. D) It is most important to have confidence in one`s willpower.

14. A) They could keep on working longer.

15. B) They are subject to change.

16. A) About half of current jobs might be automated.

17. D) They could grade high-school essays just like human teachers.

18. C) It has to rely on huge amounts of previous data.

19. D) The theoretical aspects of sustainable energy.

20. A) Drive trains with solar energy.

21. B) Find a new material for storing energy.

22. D) The poor relation between national health and social care services.

23. A) It was mainly provided by voluntary services.

24. C) Their preference for private services.

25. B) They have long been discriminated against.