Do parents invade thildren's privacy when they post photos on line?
36. Steinberg argued parental sharing online can be ber eficial
37. According to an expert, when children reach school age, they can help their parents learn what can and cannot be done
38. One mother refrained from posting her sons photos online when she considered the matter from her sons perspective.
39. According to a study, more children than parents think there should be rules on parents shanng
40 Katyn Burbidge had never realized she had to ask her son's approval to put his photos online
41. A mother decided not to post her sons photo online when he asked her not to
42. A woman pediatrician tries to help other parents by sharing her own parenting experience
43. There are people who decide simply not to share their childrens photos online.
44. Parents and physicians should realize sharing information online about children may involve risks
45. Parents who share their parenting experiences may find themselves intruding into the children's privacy