Ed Sheeran has announced his support for our AIDSfree appeal as a limited edition T-shirt he designed goes on sale to raise funds.

All proceeds will go towards our appeal and help our programme, a project in Nairobi, Kenya, that encourages young men to test themselves for HIV.

Its broader aims are to protect young people from HIV, empower them to seek treatment if they are HIV positive and help stop the spread of the virus.

Sheeran said: “I'm completely behind the Elton John AIDS Foundation's goal to end the Aids epidemic once and for all.

“To do this, I firmly believe we need to make young men part of our efforts, not only to bring them into consciousness about their own risk and vulnerability to HIV, but also to empower them to protect the women around them.”

Kenya has the fourth largest HIV/Aids epidemic in the world. Thousands of people die from Aids-related illnesses there every year, and many more are living with HIV but are unaware of their HIV-positive status.

Money raised from public donations through the AIDSfree appeal will be used to support the Elton John AIDS Foundation projects in six key cities around the world (London, Nairobi, Atlanta, Kiev, Delhi and Maputo).