The streaming giant Netflix went to extreme lengths to renew Friends.

After fans of the sitcom went into meltdown upon discovering the show's expiration from the streamer, Netflix assuaged their fears by confirming all 10 seasons would still be available to watch in 2019.

However, the decision has reportedly proved rather expensive for Netflix as the battle to keep old shows grows increasingly more difficult.


Growing speculation has suggested that Friends, which is owned by WarnerMedia's parent company AT&T, was in danger of being nabbed by the former for its brand new streaming platform that's scheduled to begin in 2019. 

Because of that, Netflix is said to have paid $100m to keep the sitcom having initially been paying $30m a year.

According to The New York Times, this new fee “reflects the thirst for content in the streaming age”.

The report also states that Netflix pre-empted user outcry and began negotiations to keep the sitcom – which ran from 1994-2004 – months ago.