A dress worn by Princess Diana during a 1986 royal visit to Bahrain could be sold for more than £100,000 at auction, more than two decades after it was donated to a second-hand clothes shop and purchased for £200.

The ivory silk David Emanuel gown was worn by the princess during her royal tour of the Gulf States with Prince Charles.
这条牌子是David Emanuel的象牙白色长裙是在和查尔斯王子一起去访问(美国) 墨西哥湾延岸各州国事访问的时候,戴安娜王妃穿着的。

The dress was later given to a second-hand shop by the housekeeper of the Mynde Park estate in Herefordshire, an estate that Princess Diana frequently visited.
后来这条裙被捐去了位于赫里福德Mynde Park地产的管家拥有的二手商店,这是戴安娜经常去访问的地产。

The dress was bought by someone working part-time in the shop in 1994 for the mere price of £200.

The buyer had initially intended on wearing the dress to a hunt ball, but never did.

It was only when the woman watched a documentary that featured footage from Princess Diana's Gulf States visit that she realised how much the gown may be worth.

The dress is now due to be auctioned by Kerry Taylor Auctions in Bermondsey, south London, on 10 December, with the final sale likely to reach between £60,000 to £100,000.
这条裙子将在12月10日在南伦敦波门德斯的Kerry Taylor拍卖会进行拍卖,最后的成交价很可能会在6万英镑到10万英镑之间。