The avocado has become a staple ingredient on the plates of brunch aficionados galore, with photos of the superfood permeating Instagram on a daily basis.

While many may not be able to imagine living without the green fruit, a number of cafes have begun removing it from their menus due to environmental concerns.

The Wild Strawberry Cafe in Buckinghamshire shared a post on its Instagram page earlier this week explaining why it had decided to ban avocado from its kitchen.

The cafe explained the multiple reasons behind the decision, including seasonality, the distance the avocados travel when they're imported and sustainability.

“The western world's obsession with avocado has been placing unprecedented demand on avocado farmers and pushing up the prices,” the cafe said on Instagram.

“Forests are being thinned out to make way for avocado plantations. Intensive farming on this scale contributes to greenhouse emissions and places pressure on local water supplies.”

In 2016, Greenpeace Mexico stated people in the region are likely to suffer due to the increasing demand for avocados.

“Beyond the displacement of forests and the effects on water retention, the high use of agricultural chemicals and the large volumes of wood needed to pack and ship avocados are other factors that could have negative effects on the area's environment and the well-being of its inhabitants,” the organisation explained.