The funniest words in the dictionary have been revealed, with 'upchuck', 'boff' and 'jiggly' topping the list.

Constantly changing, updating and evolving, the English language is a fascinating entity that's seen words such as 'avo' and 'bougie' weave their way into everyday vocabulary lately.

The ability of certain words to positively affect your mood is a curious topic, so thought-provoking that researchers from the University of Alberta decided to explore it in great detail.

“Humour is, of course, still personal,” says Chris Westbury, a psychology professor at the university.

“Here, we get at the elements of humour that aren't personal; things that are universally funny.”

This allowed them to determine which words were deemed as being funnier than others, whether that be due to a word being particularly unusual or simply sounding funny when said out loud.

After bottling it down to 10 words, Westbury concluded that the funniest words in the English language are: 'upchuck', 'bubby', 'boff', 'wriggly', 'yaps', 'giggle', 'cooch', 'guffaw', 'puffball' and 'jiggly'.

So, next time you're with some friends and telling an entertaining anecdote, why not try throwing a few 'guffaws' or 'puffballs' into the conversation?

Who knows - perhaps you'll reinvent yourself as a comedy genius.