Piers Morgan has called David Beckham “weird” and “creepy” for kissing his seven-year-old daughter, Harper, on the lips – and he's not the only one to think so. Social media is full commenters trying to make a parent feel guilty for the simple act of showing their child affection.
皮尔斯·摩根称大卫·贝克汉姆嘴对嘴亲吻他7岁的女儿哈珀的行为“怪异”和“令人毛骨悚然” - 他并不是唯一一个这么认为的人。社交媒体上的评论的人,很多都试图让父母为这种向孩子表达感情的简单行为感到内疚。

Having my six-year-old son George kiss me on the lips is one of the uncomplicated joys of life, and I plan to carry on doing it several times a day for as long as he wants to. Obviously the moment George decides he doesn't want to smooch his mum on the lips then I will, reluctantly, stop. Because to me, George feeling comfortable expressing his feelings in this way is a sign of a healthy, loved little boy.

And it's not just because I am a woman – we should be equally relaxed about dads showing physical affection towards their children too. Again, with the disclaimer that it is something the child wants to do.
而且这不仅仅是因为我是一个女人 - 我们应该同样对爸爸们向孩子表达感情保持宽容的态度。同样,这得建立在孩子自愿的基础上。

For decades we have wanted dads to loosen up and feel comfortable expressing their feelings. There's clear evidence that our failure to accept male emotion leads to a culture of toxic masculinity which can in the most extreme circumstances cause an increase in mental health issues and even suicide.

It can only be beneficial for men to be open and expressive about their feelings in this way. And when they do, and figures like Piers try to make it into something to feel ashamed of, we should remember that kissing is just a sign of a completely normal bond between father and child, something to be cherished and celebrated.

The age of the child seems to matter to most people who are shocked by this – they think that at seven years old, Harper Beckham is too old to engage in this behaviour. One arbitrary line seems to be that when a child starts school such contact should be stopped. No one seems to suggest that there's anything wrong with kissing a baby or toddler on the lips – so exactly at what age should we start viewing parental contact as potentially sexualised?
对于大多数对此感到震惊的人来说,孩子的年龄似乎很重要 - 他们认为,7岁时的哈珀贝克汉姆已经长大到不能接受这种亲密了。停止亲密肢体接触的界限似乎化在当孩子开始上学时。似乎没有人认为亲吻婴儿或幼儿有什么不妥 - 所以我们应该在什么年龄开始将父母的接触视为潜在的性行为?

I truly hope these ignorant and unfounded comments towards Beckham’s affection for his daughter does not make any parents – particularly dads – back off when their kids approach for a kiss for fear of judgement. A child growing up thinking it's wrong to kiss a parent would be the real tragedy.
我真的希望这些攻击贝克汉姆向女儿表达爱意的行为的评论不会让任何父母 - 特别是父亲 -因为害怕他人的目光让拒绝希望能获得父母亲吻的孩子。如果孩子从小认为亲吻父母是不对的话这将令人惋惜。