The luxury brand has announced that it will release a $185 US set of four candles scented by perfumer Jacques Cavallier Belletrud. Each scent was inspired by nature and comes in a white ceramic pot, designed by Marc Newson.
该奢侈品牌不久前宣布要推出一套价值185美元的蜡烛系列,总共4款,都是由调香师 Jacques Cavallier Belletrud 调香的。几款香型的灵感都源于大自然,而且都装在由 Marc Newson 设计的白色的瓷罐里。(两个人名都不认识)

Each candle also features a camel-colored strap, which is made from the same natural leather used for classic Louis Vuitton handbags.

根据LV之前对媒体的说法,Newson 设计的这个肩带以及那个包包造型的瓷罐都是为了让蜡烛看起来更像“服装”。


And because each candle features identical packaging, different color wicks are used to differentiate each scent.

Red, blue, yellow, and green wicks are used to tell each candle apart.

这4个香型都是由 Belletrud 设计的,这位调香师从2012年开始就为LV设计很多独家香型,这次4个香型的灵感分别来自四季。

The L'Air du Jardin candle, for example, was inspired by the spring scent of "the first rosebuds from the garden," according to the press release. The Feuilles d'Or candle, however, is meant to smell like "scorched underbrush that permeates clothes during a walk in the woods," which seems appropriate for the fall.

For the winter, the Dehors Il Neige candle is scented like "the magic of snowflakes as they fall," and those who are missing summer weather can light the Île Blanche scent, which was inspired by "the warm island sun steeped in a veil of white cotton."


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