陈述讨论:Do you think most elderly people are happy today?

回答问题:How we can take better care about elderly people?


Sample answers


1.Do you think most elderly people are happy today?


I think most senior citizens are happy today because of the high technology. They can do online shopping. As some of them cannot go to the shops in person. The goods are supposed to come in all shapes, sizes and colors on the Internet. All people need to do is to sit in front of their computers and click the buttons. The commodities they order will be delivered to them promptly. .

Second, they can learn online courses which help many more senior citizens who want to learn more but the schools might not be within reach.


2.How we can take better care about elderly people?


First,it is wise to take some time to talk to each other and let us know what is important to them.

Second, develop the robot technology to help people take better care of them. In the near future, AI can act humanly through the Turing test approach; can speak humanly through the cognitive modeling approach; can think rationally through setting the “law of thought”



陈述讨论: The impact of social media in interpersonal communication.

回答问题:Is social media the best way to communicate?


Sample answers


1.The impact of social media in interpersonal communication.


First, social media allow people to telecommute (to perform everyday tasks such as banking or business transactions without meeting others face to face.);

Second, social media enable people to exchange ideas (to promote friendly contacts between different peoples and facilitate the cultural and economic interchange.).


2.Is social media the best way to communicate?


I agree that social media have changed our life drastically. I will take the Wechat as an example. Before the invention of wechat, people cannot find each other freely and cheaply. Back in the old days, people have to communicate about the meetings and events ahead of time through phone call, but now they can do the video call. Also, Wechat enables friends know your recent well-being through what you posted on it, no matter where you are, people are now able to find you on your Wechat. Delays are less common and people are reaching you non-stop.



陈述讨论: Should cell phones be banned in class?

回答问题:Is social media the best way to communicate?



Sample answers


1.Should smart phones be banned in class?


I think smart phones should be banned in class. Smart phones distract students from teachers’ lectures, which will affect their final grades. Also, students just use the phones to chat with friends or do online shopping or play video games, none of the things mentioned above have something to do with study.


2.The impact of smart phones used on college students.

The good impact is that students can exchange ideas through smart phones, which promote friendly contacts between different peoples and facilitate the cultural and economic interchange.

The bad impact is that smart phones occupy too much study time. An analysis showed that as phone use increased, GPA decreased and anxiety increased. The overall conclusion was that high frequency users will have a lower GPA, greater anxiety, and less life satisfaction than those who are lower frequency users. Naturally, these results involve college students.



陈述讨论:The importance of the two-child policy.



Sample answer


The importance of the two-child policy.


Society’s harmony and its stable development 社会和谐,平稳发展

Maintain a reasonable labor force and structure,boom the economy保持合理的劳动力数量和结构,促进经济增长

Keep the international competitiveness 保持国际竞争力



主题:Chinese cooking

回答问题:Do you like the food at the school canteen?

/ changes in people's eating habit/do you like fast food


Sample answers


1.Do you like the food at the school canteen?

Yes I like them. Usually they have large quantity but are less money-consuming. Also, we have a lot of options, like stir-fried food, soup, steamed bread. Thirdly, it is more healthy and safe to eat at the shool canteen.

2.changes in people's eating habit

People like to eat fast food, especially those living in big cities, their life pace is fast so they have to do that. Secondly, people like to order food from apps like Meituan or Elema, those apps can save money and people needn’t go outside to wait for a long queue to get their food.

3.Do you like fast food.

I like fast food because fast food saves my time and energy. Now I am living in Beijing, so it is impossible for me to go to the supermarket to buy vegetables and spend several hours to clean and cook them. By the way, fast food is cheap and delicious, so why not?






Sample answer:



Nowadays, with the improvement of people’s living standard, some people in the city form a habit of raising small or domestic animals as pets.

I feel that keeping a pet as a company is important for the psychological well-being of a person. Keeping a pet could help a youngster to learn to respect and care for other living creatures. This helps the child to develop mental well-being. Some pets are so important for people that they are recognized as part of the family.

I prefer to keep a pet to make my life more colorful.


People keep pets for different reasons. For most families, pets are lovely, sensitive creatures with whom they are able to communicate. They keep them just for fun and pleasure. As for some adults, playing with their pets is their favorite form of relaxation after day's hard work. As for children, it seems there are no better friends or companions they can find than a funny-looking dog or a clever cat, for they take a fancy to animals by nature. Though their contact with animals, children learn how to take care of those dependent on them. Which helps them develop a sense of responsibility and cultivate their patience as well.

Whatever the reasons for keeping pets are, a fact deserving our notice is that the growing number of pets can cause serious hygiene problems. Pets, if ignored or kept in poor conditions, can breed and spread diseases. The barking of dogs and the mewing of cats can also be an annoyance to the neighbors.



Different people have different choices on keeping pets.

Some people may prefer dogs because dogs are mankind's best friend.

For dogs are loyal and reliable. It is not difficult to find out such instances in our society to prove that. No matter how bad their mankind friends are, dogs are still stick around, without escaping, or complaining. However, for a few people, keeping different pets is an ostentatious display of their wealth. By owing an expensive bird, they intend to show off to others how wealthy they are.

No matter what kind of pets you have, please be kind to them.



陈述讨论:outdoor exercise, gym exercise

回答问题:what's your favoritre sports,why / 是否exercise in gym can prolong life


陈述讨论:outdoor exercise, gym exercise


l  To do some sports

keep fit; keep in good shape; lose weight, avoid obesity; build up a strong body, be athletic;

relaxing;release their pressure from study.


回答问题:what's your favoritre sports,why?

Basketball is my favorite sport.Because playing basketball makes me strong and healthy.


It's hard to say. Perhaps swimming is my favorite. I like swimming because it helps improve my lung capacity. In the scorching summer days, there's nothing like a cool swim. Currently, I go to the pool twice every week.


是否exercise in gym can prolong life?

Exercise is an important therapy. A number of studies confirm that a regular exercise program helps build muscle mass, boosts the immune system, and improves attitude. Benefits of both aerobic (cardiovascular) and anabolic (resistance) exercises are described. Anabolic exercise is strongly recommended to prevent wasting and prolong life.







 Thereis debate about whether vegetarianism is good for your health.

In the eyes of vegetarians, a vegetariandiet cleans the stomach and prevents excess fat.

Other studies have shown that vegetariandiets can reduce some cancer risk and extend life.

Many other people, however, don't think so.In their opinion, it took 10 million years for humans to climb to the top ofthe food chain, and now they have to eat vegetarian food, which is obviouslyunreasonable.

Some experts say that eating meat for yearsis bad for your health, but so is eating a vegetarian diet.

Whether eating meat or vegetables should bebased on their own needs. A balanced diet is more important.


 LowerBody Weight

If weight loss (and staying slim) is yourgoal, consider giving up meat. Keep in mind to achieve and maintain a healthyweight as a vegetarian, you should abide by general healthy eating guidelines,which include limiting added sugar, sugary drinks, and saturated and transfats.



Vegetarianism may be adopted for variousreasons. Many people object to eating meat out of respect for sentient life.Such ethical motivations have been codified under various religious beliefs, aswell as animal rights advocacy. Other motivations for vegetarianism arehealth-related, political, environmental, cultural, aesthetic, economic, orpersonal preference.







Setting goals means taking risks.

That's why many people don't have goals.

It's not that he doesn't know the benefitsof the goal, but subconsciously that he doesn't want to risk changing thestatus quo.

Goals are outside your comfort zone.

The way you think and act doesn't get youwhere you want to go.

Subconsciously, people reject anythingoutside their comfort zone, including goals.

People prefer to live without an aim,because it is the safest way to live.

Not necessarily happy, but safe.




Avoid risk

Controllable factors

Personal safety

Out of one’s reach



陈述讨论:poor mental  health/the best way to stay mental health

回答问题:what do you think of your collage life/问你如果有同学有这样的精神问题你要怎么做


陈述讨论:poor mental health/the best way to staymental health

Mental health includes our emotional,psychological, and social well-being. It affects how we think, feel, and act.It also helps determine how we handle stress, relate to others, and make choices.Mental health is important at every stage of life, from childhood andadolescence through adulthood.

Over the course of your life, if youexperience mental health problems, your thinking, mood, and behavior could beaffected. Many factors contribute to mental health problems, including:

·       Biological factors, such as genes or brain chemistry

·       Life experiences, such as trauma or abuse

·       Family history of mental health problems

Most people understand the importance ofhaving a healthy body. Many people, though, overlook the value of mentalhealth. Having good mental health can make life more enjoyable. It can alsopromote better physical health and endurance. You must take care of both yourbody and mind to be truly healthy.

回答问题:what do you think of your collage life

The college lifeis colorful in my eyes and I am satisfied with it. I like it because I enjoyeda different life in the college. in the high school, I was busy with allsubjects every day and I had to work hard for the examination. In college, Ihave more chances to learn what I like after finishing my studying. I have morefreedom. I can take part in more social activities to develop my abilities,such as communication skills. in a word, I like my college life.



From the followingaspects.

1. Question inner-critic. Feeling good aboutyourself is crucial to mental health. Worry and negative thoughts can bog youdown and keep you from feeling your best. Self-doubt can be particularlydistressing.

2. Focus on strengths. In times ofdifficulty, focus on qualities that can help you get through life's challenges.

3. Practice self-affirmation.Self-affirmation is an exercise in which you remind yourself of your worth bysaying or writing down things that you like or admire about yourself.







1.Do you like handwriting or typewriting?

I prefer handwriting because it's much morepersonal and it feels a lot nicer receiving a handwritten letter than it doesgetting an email.

2.What are the advantages of handwriting?

Well, typewriting is quite popularnowadays, so it seems that handwriting is more valuable. Besides, handwritingcan help us remember the spelling of words as well.

3.Do you think typewriting will replacehand writing in the future?

Yes. I think computers will cause the artof handwriting, letter writing, etc.to become a thing of the past. People are toolazy to pick up a pen these days, it seems like a lot of kiddies can typefaster than they can write.