Nasa and Vans have created a new collection, inspired by space suits and borrowing from the patches for the agency's most famous missions.

The collection comes amid a huge range of Nasa-licensed products – and suggestions that the relationship could eventually go the other way, with brands appearing on the space agency's rockets.

The collection takes some of the Vans well-known silhouettes , including its Sk8-Hi shoes and traditional clothing and accessories . But it pairs them with imagery taken from Nasa's history, including patches inspired by the Apollo 11 mission the space agency's famous "meatball" logo.

There are eight shoes in all, coming in everything from sneakers to slip-ons. And there are plenty of clothes offerings too, including an anorak in black and orange, T-shirts, hoodies and a bag.

The collection will be available on 2 November at Vans stores and on its website.

It is far from the first time that Nasa has joined up with design companies to create consumer products: earlier this year, it worked with streetwear designer Heron Preston to create a 60th anniversary collection, and even made homeware with Ikea.

Numerous fashion companies have recently borrowed from Nasa's history of design to create space-inspired clothes.

The agency also makes its own clothes, which sell at the visitor centres at its facilities and online.

And the space agency has even suggested that its collaborations with brands could go the other way, too. As it continues to look for sources of funding, Nasa administration Jim Bridenstine has even suggested that the agency could open itself up to product placement – a decision that some suggested could lead to rockets with brands' logos on their side, for instance.