Part 1


Have you ever cooked?



Of course, and I’ve learned how to cook when I was a high school girl. Since then, I always cook for myself when my parents are busy.


Do you like cooking?



Yes, I’m really into cooking, and I think it’s an effective way to balance our diet and keep healthy. Recently I usually do some cooking during the weekends to enjoy healthy food with my parents.


Do you want to learn how to cook?



Not really, because I’ve already a master of cooking. As I’ve mentioned, I learned how to make fine food since I was little. So I’m quite confident about myself.


Is it difficult to cook Chinese food for you?



It’s hard to say, because there’re many kinds of Chinese cuisines as I know, such as Sichuan cuisine, Hangzhou cuisine and so on. As I was born and raised in Hefei, I’m only familiar with cooking our local food, which means the rest might be relatively difficult for me.



Part 2 & 3

Part 2题目


Describe an interesting job that you want to have in the future.

You should say:

What it is

How you can find this job

What qualities it requires

And explain why it is an interesting job.






The interesting job that I want to have in the future is being a teacher, to be more specific, an English teacher, which generally tends to be one of the most essential and indispensable occupations in people’s life.

If I want to get this job, there’re must be several things I need to do before. First, a teacher’s license is essential, because it can definitely prove I can teach and I know how to teach. Then, a good resume is also significant for the job hunting, since it’s the only way to demonstrate yourself to the employers before you get a real interview.

Sure, I know, if I want to be an English teacher, it can never be an easy process. There’re many requirements in terms of English proficiency, teaching ability, personality and so on. In particular, English teachers are required to have excellent pronunciation and clear voice. As a leading role of an English class, teachers are usually followed by students who tend to imitate their teachers’ pronunciation and even the way of speaking. Besides, patience is also necessary. As we all know, language acquisition is a long-term process, so English teachers must be patient even if they have to repeat the same sentence for a million times.


Personally, many reasons make me believe that teaching English is an interesting job. Firstly, it is a possible way to get the sense of fulfillment. It must be great to see my own students make progress in English learning. Besides, the teaching process should also be interesting. Since students vary from person to person, which means teaching methods should meet their aptitude, and I think I’ll enjoy this challenging process.



indispensable 形容词;不可缺少的

EgShe was becoming indispensable to him.


resume: 名词;简历

EgDon't push for an interview on the spot, but rather explain that you want to let them know of your interest, drop off your resume, and complete an application while you're there if possible.


③fulfillment: 名词;满足感

EgHow can we attain fulfillment in this world?


method: 名词;方法

EgHave you tried the new method?



Part 3题目


1. What kinds of preparation should people do for a job interview?



I think a good resume is very important, since it’s a direct and effective way to demonstrate yourself to the employees. Besides, a clear voice and creative thinking are also required.



effective 形容词:有效的

Eg: The project looks at how we could be more effective in encouraging students to enter teacher training.


required: 形容词;必须的

Eg: According to traditions, the selectmen are required by law to perambulate the bounds every five years.



2. Why do some people keep changing their jobs?



It depends, some people quit for overloaded. The excessive workload pushes them to change jobs. However, some may make a change for their clear career plans. For them, changing job is only the way to achieve their ends.



①quit 动词:辞职

Eg: He quit his job as an office boy.


overloaded: 形容词;超负荷的

Eg: 57 percent complained of work overload.



3. What should a good employer do?



A good employer should help to build an employee-friendly environment, with various programmes from regular physical examination to mental care.



①various 形容词:各种各样的

Eg: The methods are many and various.


mental: 形容词;精神的

Eg: I think you are mentally tired.



4. How would you define “an interesting job”?



I think an interesting job will give people a sense of fulfilment. That means you may feel exhausted sometimes, but you can still obtain job satisfaction.



①exhausted 形容词:疲惫的

Eg: She was too exhausted and distressed to talk about the tragedy.


satisfaction: 名词;满足

Eg: She felt a small glow of satisfaction.



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题目:The diagram shows how an office building looks at present and the plan for its future development.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.







The diagrams shows the current layout of an office building and some future changes to it. Overall, the most important change is that the working area will be enlarged to achieve high utilization of the building.


It can be clearly seen that at present, there are two pieces of lawn bedded on both sides of the building. The workplace is small with only four office rooms standing one by one in the south part. At the opposite side of the offices, some ancillary facilities such as a kitchen, canteen and a stock room can be found. The entrance and the WC are located at southeast corner, which may be inconvenient for the staff who work at the westernmost office.


In the future, the two grass lands will be converted into supporting facilities required by a workplace. Specifically, the western one will be rebuilt into an outside activity area, while the other will be turned into a place with a coffee bar and a WC at the north and a meeting area at the south. The original kitchen and canteen in the north are planned to be made into two office rooms. The entrance with reception will be relocated to the middle of two office rooms in the south. 



①layout:   n.布局

②ancillary facility:配套设施,辅助设施


relocate vt. 迁移






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题目:In many countries women are allowed to take maternity leave from their jobs during the first month after the birth of their babies. Do the advantages outweigh disadvantages?









As the gender gap narrows, more females are wielding their power in the office. However, some new problems arises when it comes to the women’s traditional role as mothers. One of the most frequently debated issue is about the merits and demerits of maternity leave.


Some people believe a one-month period of rest brings benefits to both the newborns and mothers. Females need time to recover from a delivery, and babies ought to be meticulously attended to especially during the first few weeks. Besides, corporates will gain loyalty from their employees as the flexible working schedule makes those who take the leave feel they are respected and valued. So when mothers return to the workplace, they will engage in the career with high working morale and a satisfying health condition, which will for sure increase the productivity.


Nevertheless, there are some negative effects if the maternity leave is taken without clear regulations. Some women on maternity leave may get fired after a long period of vacancy, because their positions are substituted with someone else. Worse still, some corporates will not consider the candidates with pregnancy plans, thus causing a gender discrimination when hiring employees. That being the case, it is still regarded short-sighted to dismiss the female workers who take or will take maternity leave, since an experienced employee can bring more profits and inspire her colleagues to achieve more.


In conclusion, a maternity leave with reasonable length of time not only ensures a low rate of newborn mortality and sequel illness for mothers, but also improves employees’ productivity, morale and retention, all of which weighs heavier than the cost paid by companies during the period.




wield: v.   行使(权力等)

delivery: n.   分娩,生产

meticulously: adv.   细致入微地

morale: n.   士气,精神面貌

substituted: v.   替代

pregnancy: n.   怀孕

retention: n.   (员工)留存






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Section 1

Completion 1-10


Section One





1. visa type: blue card

2. working period: July to October

3. the information is from the agency (firstly, the boy mentioned the website, and then he said the information from the agency was better)

4. business time: September

5. picking data decided by weather

6. additional wage over 18: 5.60/ hour (under 18 only have 4.50)

7. accommodation: there is a campsite

8. advise to go around by bike

9. must work with passport

10. should bring own lunch and supply of water



Section 2


Section Two







11. shop-H

12. playground-G

13. spa-A

14. gym-I

15. weight room-D

16. massage room-E


17-20Multiple Choice

17-18. Which TWO items are included in the opening day introductory price?

A. gym room

B. off-peak membership

C. swimming pool

D. all-in covered

E. family membership


19-20. What TWO free gifts are included in the new membership card?

A. towel (we should have sent you a towel, but it is too cheap)

B. heart rate monitor

C. sports shoes

D. free message

E. water bottle


Section 3


Section There






21-25Multiple Choices

21. According to James and Anna, the value survey measured the cost of houses by calculating?

C. the price of houses compared to average income.

22. Anna says the value survey is unusual because

A. It compares prices in different cities

23. The students decide that New Zealand house prices are high because of

C. The rules concerning land use

24. When the students talk about transport, they are

A. Concerned there is no plan

25. The students agree that the value survey will

B. Indicate a future trend in house prices



26. Andrew Coleman-C

27. Professor Massey-G

28. Richard Bernard-F

29. Professor Lowndes-A

30. Maria Darling-E


Section 4


Section Four




Completion 10


31. Drama courses assist to raise the children’s confidence 戏剧课程可以帮助提升学生的自信感

32. Via the team work, lids can understand the important of listening

33.learn skill of taking risks (risk management) 学会风险管理

34. Drama can have the effect of therapy戏剧可以像处方一样

35.teachers can intrigue debate in a safe environment, let the student express their ideas an without being scorned 老师可以在安全的环境下发起讨论,让学生不受到轻视的表达自己的观点

36.increase the passion for participation 增加他们参与讨论的热情

37.help students understand the morality 帮助学生理解道德

38.cultivate the spirit of teamwork/responsibility 培养团队协作和责任感

39.help children remember and understand the history knowledge 帮助学生记住理解历史知识

40. find the answers in problems of historywhy people in history made such decisions 就历史的问题发现答案,为什么人们在历史中做出了这样的决定





Passage1: The changing ideas of selling




1-6) 判断题

1. T

2. NG

3. F

4. F

5. T

6. F


7-13) 填空题

7. emotions

8. gestures

9. orders

10. personality

11. strategies

12. explanation

13. competitor


Passage2: going with the flow – Florida bay’s ecological problems





14-17) 段落信息配对

14. See grass turned to be more resistant to the saline water level in the Bay. E

15. costly project C

16. Financial problems H

17. An alarming fact B


18-21) 特征配对

18. Drainage system in everglades actually results in high salty water in the bay. C

19. Restoring water high in nitrogen level will make more ecological side effect. B

20. High nitrogen levels may be caused by the nearby farmland. B

21. Released sewage rather than nutrients from agricultural area increases the level of Nitrogen. A


22-26) 判断题

22. Everyone agree with "pouring water into sea is harmless enough" even in Florida Bay area. F

23. Nitrogen was poured in from different types of crops as water flows through. NG

24. Everglade restoration project can be effective regardless the cause of the pollution. F

25. Human has changed Florida Bay where old image before 1950s is unrecalled. T

26. Tourism contributes fundamentally to economy of the Florida Bay area. T


Passage3: secret sound of elephant





27-30) 填空题

27. hammer

28. boy

29. pads

30. sinus cavitics


31-35) 摘要填空

31. farmers

32. trunks

33. earth

34. insect

35. acoustic


36-38) 配对题

36. H

37. E

38. D

39. B

40. A