Eyes closed, she felt the cool breeze on her face as the car swept past the green pastures. The breeze felt refreshingly new and gave her a sense of newly defined freedom and happiness.

The breeze suddenly came to a halt with the car stopping due to a bit of traffic created by the grazing of some cute lambs. Climbing out of the car in excitement, she realized she was in a new world, where her only companion was the sparkling beauty of nature all around her.

Standing there, she finally understood the meaning of freedom!

In this fast paced world, where smartphones are a necessity and life without internet might just be the next step to insanity, we've forgotten the simple pleasures in life... just stop for a moment to ask yourself how long its been since you've just sat down for a while,doing absolutely nothing yet feeling perfectly happy and contented?

People tend to find happiness in commodities or things around them...but the perfect place to start searching for happiness is right within you! Happiness is like a perfume.. it can be spread to others if only we are willing to sprinkle a few drops on our self!

True happiness is said to be achieved when we are the reason behind a person's beautiful smile and immense happiness!

So the next time you see someone upset or feeling low, lend them a bit of your time and support...it doesn't cost much, but doubles the happiness in your heart!!!