Part 1

Letters and Emails


Do you still write letters nowadays or do you just use email?



Obviously I don’t write letters any more as it is so old-fashioned and takes so long to get the message to others. Besides, I believe fewer and fewer people write letters right now. 


Can you tell me some of the major differences between writing letters and email?



Well, one big difference between them I can think of is the speed at which the message is delivered. What I mean by that is the receiver can get your message through email much faster while it will have to take at least a few days for the receiver to get the message. 


What sorts of email can make you feel excited?



Well, definitely any email that contains good news can make me excited or even thrilled. For instance, I will be so pleased to receive an email in which I am informed that I am officially admitted to a university I’ve been dreaming to go to.


Do you think that people will stop using letters in the future?



No, I do not think letters will become obsolete in the future, because it brings people a much more intimate and personal feeling when people receive letters from their friends and families, which is something that email cannot do.


Do you prefer to make a phone call or send an email to others?



It really depends on what matter I need to address. For instance, I will have to make a phone call if I need someone’s immediate attention to the matter I work on. Otherwise, I will probably just send an email as it is nothing urgent.


Part 2 & 3

Part 2题目


Describe an interesting website you often visit.

You should say:

What it is

When you first visited it

What you found out;

And explain why it was interesting to you.



此话题属于“物品”类话题, 所要描述的是“一个有趣的网站”;使用的主要时态应该是“过去时态”, “一般现在时态”以及“现在完成时态”;在交代前三个“basic information”的时候, 我们需要思考:它们之间是否存在某种 logical connection?或者可以给出哪些相关的拓展信息? 比如,在描述第一次接触这个网站的时候, 大家可以尝试给出更多的细节,尽量给考官创造出画面感;另外,大家须特别关注, 第一个信息点是最最重要的, 需要在最开始就告知考官你要描述的这个网站是什么。


到最后解释,说明的部分,大家需要展开说明为什么这个网站如此有趣, 特别, 比如它的内容, 展现形式或者它提供的其他服务等等。



Well, there's indeed one particular website I would like to talk about, and it is Taobao. You may have heard of it if you have stayed in China long enough.


Anyway, it's become one of the most influential and popular websites in China. As a shopping website, millions of sellers take advantage of this platform to sell all kinds of products every day, which is such a benefit for shoppers as people from all ages seem to be interested in it,  so just like what people say, there is nothing you cannot find if you go to search for it on Taobao.


I could still remember it was about 8 years ago that  I first visited that website when I was actually trying to look for something else on another website, and suddenly a pop-up window came out so I just unconsciously clicked on it. And then it turned out to be Taobao.com. From then on, as I began to use it more and more, I was surprised to find out there's a huge variety of products being sold every day. Plus, you could find lots of special offers there occasionally. 


I enjoy that website so much as it's such a wonderful place where I can shop anything I need without having to walk around at those shopping malls, which can be really exhausting. In addition, it's also an amazing place where I can do some window shopping just to kill time when I feel really bored. Therefore, I have to admit, the more I use it, the more I like it.



①influential: 形容词; 有影响力的  

Eg:With his influential background, Peter definitely has a great impact on the changes of the company. 


②a variety of : 短语; 各种各样的

Eg:There are a variety of products in those online shops.


③exhausting: 形容词; 令人疲惫的

Eg: Many people are in favor of rock-climbing, but it can be a rather exhausting activity.


④window-shopping: 名词; 浏览商店的橱窗(只看不买)

Eg:Students usually enjoy window-shopping as most of them do not have enough money.


Part 3题目


What do you think of on-line education?



Well, I personally think it's a positive trend as it doesn't require learners to travel to traditional schools or classrooms, which saves a lot of time. 

Instead, the learner can just stay at home sitting in front of a computer with the internet access, and then he or she can just enjoy the pleasure of receiving education.



①positive: 形容词;积极的  乐观的

Eg:No matter what troubles he faces, he can always stay positive.  


②access: 名词;使用权

Eg:Peter sent a complaint letter to the manager of the hotel as there was no internet access in his room. 


How does internet shape the way people live?



Well, our life has been dramatically changed since the invention of the internet.

In the past, we didn't have the access to the latest news unless we turned on our TV or read newspaper, but now with the internet, especially with the internet function in our smartphone, we can get the news so fast. 



①dramatically: 副词;夸张的 戏剧化的

Eg:After living for 5 years in the US, her eating habit has dramatically changed.


②function : 名词; 功能  作用

Eg:I suggest you try to find more functions in this new smartphone. 


Why do some people, especially young women get addicted to on-line shopping?


Well, reasons may vary, but I guess the most direct reason is the convenience brought by on-line shopping. With those on-line stores selling all sorts of goods, it is clearly so easy for those young women to browse what they like, meaning all they need to do is to sit in front of their computer and click their mouse to make their purchase. 



①vary: 动词; 不同  不一样

Eg:People may vary in terms of their personalities, but they all come here for one purpose. That is to win the contest and get the award. 


②purchase : 动词/名词; 购买

Eg:In order to stop him from overspending, he keeps a record of each purchase he makes.


Do you think people can live without the internet?



Definitely not.

Internet has greatly shaped the way we live in so many amazing ways, so we rely on it for almost everything.

For instance, we use it to send emails at work, to stay in touch with friends, to look for information and we also use it for fun when we feel bored.



①amazing: 形容词;吃惊的  美好的

Eg:With so many amazing movies in the up-coming season, he does not really know which one to watch.


②rely on: 动词短语; 依赖  依靠

Eg:Most Chinese kids rely on their parents too much so what usually happens is that they find it hard to live on their own independently after they start their study abroad.




沪江网校首席雅思口语名师; 英国谢菲尔德大学毕业;英文专业8级;5年以上英文教学经验。








题目:The charts below show information about the total value and sources of fish imports to US from 1997 to 2007.

Summarise the information by selecting and reporting the main features, and make comparisons where relevant. Write at least 150 words.


Total value of fish imports in US:


Sources of fish imports to US:








The table and pie charts give us a clear view on the fish import situation in the US between 1997 and 2007. On the whole, the money US spent on fish imports was increasing. While Canada stood the main supplier of fish to the US, the fish import from China was growing steadily.


As can be seen in the table, the import fish purchase was on a rise. In 1997, the total import value of fish was 7.4 billion dollars, and it went up to 8.5 billion in 2002. Then 2007 saw an increase about 2 billion dollars, with an annual import of 10.4 billion dollars.


Canada remained the largest fish importer to the US during the ten years. However, the proportion it took up shrank a little bit, from 50% in 1997 to about 40% in both 2002 and 2007. On the contrary, China demonstrated a constant growth in this area -- the amount of fish import was almost neck and neck with that of Canada in 2007, despite the relatively low figure of 17% in 1997 and 30% in 2002. Fish import from other countries declined from over 30% to no more than 20 % during the decade.



①stand: v.  处于(某状态)

②annual import:  年度进口量

③shrink: v.  缩减

④neck and neck:  旗鼓相当






沪江网校留学资深教研老师,同济大学英语语言文学硕士,主攻雅思托福等留学考试。参与沪江网校《雅思保七冲八》、Unlock A1-B2雅思能力课程、World English B1、新版雅思6.5分阅读、新版雅思7分听力等课程的设计规划与制作,并帮助多名1V1学生达到雅思写作7分。





题目:Nowadays, we are said to have a “throw-away society” where we use things for a short time and throw them away. What causes this problem? What effects does the phenomenon lead to?




解题思路:在回应这道题时,首先要搞明白“throw-away society”这一专有名词词组,其实这个词很好理解,throw-away有“用后就扔的”意思,所以这个词组其实就是“随手扔的社会;抛弃型社会”。根据题目要求,只要分析抛弃型社会形成的原因和产生的影响即可。



Today, we are living in a throwaway culture where almost everything can be thrown away once it is considered to be old or no longer needed, from electronic products to ubiquitous plastic bags. There are various factors contributing to this phenomenon and the effects are mostly negative.


One obvious reason is that the constantly improving living standard enables people to replace something as they want. Since it is human propensity to pursue the new and loathe the old, when a particular thing or service has fulfilled its function, breaks or seems outdated, it is often set aside forthwith to make room for a replacement. It is usually seen that as long as consumers have enough ability to pay for a new thing, no effort is expended to make the old ones functional again or to use them otherwise. 


Another reason lies in the rapid advancement of technology which makes it possible for many product makers to produce goods in bulk and drives down the production costs. Under such condition of mass production, the businesses, to improve sales and make more profits, tend to encourage customers to buy the new products by raising the repairing prices of the old ones. As a result, few people will be willing to repair their old products since the maintenance may be more expensive and time-consuming.


Although this practice may be convenient and economical to some degree, its dark sides cannot be overlooked. The direct result of being a throwaway society is an increasing amount of waste in residential zones, which has posed a threat on the environment and societal development. In addition, the mass production will increase depletion of natural resources, and hence the likelihood of ecological destruction.


In conclusion, a throwaway society is the result of the improvement of living standards and the technological development which cater for human desires to update their possessions in a frequent manner. However, we cannot ignore the environmental problems associated with the throwaway society.                



①ubiquitous: adj.   到处都是的

②propensity: n.   (行为) 倾向

③in bulk: 大批,大量

④mass production: 大量生产

⑤depletion: n.   消耗






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Section 1


Section One 场景 题型

酒店预订 填空(10题)

Completion 1-10

1. What type of holiday: surfing (he said he likes costal trip, but his friends choose surfing)

2. The package prize is cheap, this package price include breakfast (but it covers no lunch includes breakfast, international air travel, insurance, domestic transport)

3. The original package includes a gym

4. Discount from 360 reduce to 315 (mentioned 360, then 10 reduction in *** 350)

5. You have to share room (you three have to share room)

6. One week of rent for equipment (surfboard) 75 Euros

7. Insurance type: the basic cover

8. The insurance premiere’s price: 47.5 Euros

9. Go to London airport, what is the cheapest transport: the taxi (generally, coaches are inexpensive but group of 3 person can choose taxi, cheaper; and mentioned the train, student’s card get a discount, yet train is far too expensive)

10. If you pay by cheque, no extra fee, credit card should pay extra fee.


Section 2


Section Two 场景 题型

培训学校介绍 选择(6题)


11-16)Multiple Choice

11 most popular-B (photography)

12 Latin dance cancelled-C (because teacher unable)

13 different timing because-A (short term)

14 what to focus tonight-B (talk to professor)

15 who deals with queries-A (a specific teacher)

16 discounts are given to-A (who recommends a new student)



17 MS-C (on a TV programme/channel five)

18 TC-G (successful book/novel)

19 CF-D (taught for 25 years/quarter of a century)

20 TH-E (raised money for charity/donated to charity be selling)


Section 3


Section There 场景 题型

学术讨论(选课) 选择(6题)


21-26) multiple choice

21. choose electives immediately because B some fill up quickly

22. compulsory course is C math

23. comments about Statistics A useful

24. how to know about a course A ask other students

25. comments of advisor about Art and Design was A surprising

26. both unsure about A how to register a course


27-30) matching

27. Metallurgy harder than expected

28. Fluid Mechanics professor good at explaining thing clearly

29. Computing improved as it went on

30. Energy Economics involves a lot of practical work


Section 4


Section Four 场景 题型

讲座(小岛的生态保护) Completion 10

31. We cannot construct things when birds are nesting

32. Through collecting feedback from the public

33. This project is outstanding because the farming

34. 1930s: fishing

35. 1950s: mining

36. Remove gas from ocean

37. Convert plants to a liquid

38. Noise from ocean in Australia

39. Turtles attract predators like crocodiles

40. Personal pets will have impacts: especially rats







Passage1: The history of building telegraph lines





i-6) 判断

1 In the research of French scientists, the metal lines were used to send message T

2 Abbots gave the monks an elcctrical shock at the same time, which constitutes the exploration on the long-distance signaling. T

3 Using Morse Code to send message need to simplify the message firstly F

4 Morse was a famous inventor before he invented the code T

5 The water is significant to early telegraph repeater on continent. T

6 US Government offered fund to the 1 st overland line across the continent NG


7-14) 简答

7 What is the disadvantage for the Charles Wheatstone's telegraph system to fail in the beginning? It's expensive

8 What material was used for insulating cable across the sea? latex

9 What was used by British pioneers to increase the weight of the cable in the sea? Lead ripe

10 What did Fisherman mistakenly' take the cable as? Unusual seaweed

11 Who was the message firstly7 sent to across the Atlantic by" the Queen? President Buchanan

12 what giant animals were used to carry' the cable through desert? camels

13 What weather conditions did it delay the construction in north Australia? Tropical rain

14 How long did it take to send a telegraph message from Australia to England? Several hours


Passage2: 日本陶艺




15-20) 标题配对



21-24) 填空

21 glaze

22 10 days

23 iron

24 tea


25-26) 多选题



Passage3: 大恐龙





27-30) 判断题待补充


31-35) 填空

31 climate

32 predator

33 competition

34 overheating

35 reproduction 


36-40) 选择

36 C

37 B

38 D

39 待补充

40 待补充