1.“I have 'Daddy-oke' with my kids.” Craig Dubitsky, Hello Products
1. Hello Products的Craig Dubitsky:“我和孩子们来个‘爸爸好’的表演。”

One of Craig Dubitsky's favorite parts of his morning? When he takes his kids to school and puts on a 'daddy-oke' performance. “I alter whatever song is on the radio with lyrics that include whatever my kids have going on that day at school” he says.
Craig Dubitsky早上最喜欢的就是送孩子们去上学时来一段“爸爸好”的表演。他说:“我会改广播里歌曲的歌词,把孩子们在学校里一天的事编进去。”


 2.“I catch up on the news — and play Candy Crush.” Jim Silver, TTPM
2.TTPM的Jim Silver:“我看新闻,还玩《糖果传奇》游戏。”

In addition to carefully-selected foods and meditation, part of Jim Silver’s routine is to update himself on current events — and decompress. He scans through his tablet as he eats breakfast.
Jim Silver不仅会精心挑选早餐和冥想,还有一部分时间用来了解时事,还要减压,吃早餐时浏览平板电脑。


3.“I listen to Bob Dylan.” Benjamin Clymer, HODINKEE
3. HODINKEE 的Benjamin Clymer:“我听鲍勃·迪伦的歌。”

 Music can be a powerful tool that reminds you of the past while provoking the emotion and passion you need to develop your future. The founder and CEO of HODINKEE, Benjamin Clymer, starts each day listening to Bob Dylan.
音乐很强大,能使你回忆过去,同时也能使你激发出开创未来所需要的情绪和热情。HODINKEE的创始人兼CEO Benjamin Clymer的一天从听鲍勃·迪伦的歌开始。


4.“I listen to inspiring podcasts.” Rob Deutsch, F45 Training
4. F45 Training的Rob Deutsch:“我听激励人的播客。”

Considering he owns a fitness enterprise, it’s a no-brainer that Rob Deutsch's day begins with exercise. But the founder and co-CEO of F45 Training also has another ritual that helps him perform to his best professional abilities: listening to the greats.
Rob Deutsch拥有一家健康公司,所以不用想就知道他的一天是从锻炼开始的,但这位F45 Training 的创始人兼联席CEO还有另外一个习惯帮他最好地发挥专业能力:听名人传记。


5.“I learn something new every morning.” Josh Wadinski, Plantioxidants
5. Plantioxidants 的Josh Wadinski :“我每天早上学点新东西。”

 Though Josh Wadinski has never been a morning person, he fights against his internal clock and rises at 5:30 a.m. to squeeze the most out of every single day. Wadinski says learning has been a mildly painful exercise for him.
虽然Josh Wadinski不喜欢早起,但他战胜了自己的生物钟,早上5:30起床,最大限度利用好每一天。Wadinski说学习对他来说是轻度痛苦的运动。


6.“I wake up early to make time for everything.” Zouhair Belkoura, Keepsafe
6. Keepsafe的Zouhair Belkoura:“我起早就能有时间安排好所有事情。”

The benefit of getting up at 5 a.m. every single day? Founder and CEO of Keepsafe Zouhair Belkoura says he can manage every important part of his life. His morning routine brings him joy and productivity.
每天早上5点钟起床有什么好处?Keepsafe Zouhair Belkoura的创始人兼CEO说他可以管理好生活中每个重要部分。他的清晨日程带给他快乐和高效率。


7.“I explore with my son.” Craig Elbert, CARE/OF
7. CARE/OF的Craig Elbert:“我和儿子一起玩。”

 Craig Elbert, the co-founder and CEO of CARE/OF’s morning routine is focused around his 2-year-old son. Currently, they wake around 6 a.m. Then, they take a sunrise walk to Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY, where they’ll stop to pet Oreo, the local bodega cat, pick up a muffin and have a breakfast picnic.
CARE/OF的联合创始人兼CEO Craig Elbert早晨的活动主要是围着2岁的儿子转。现在他们早上6点左右起床,伴着日出散步到纽约布鲁克林的格林堡公园,停下逗弄一会那儿的小店里的猫Oreo,买一个小松饼,来个野外早餐。


8.“I prioritize a healthy breakfast.” John Vagueiro, Adapting Social
8. Adapting Social的John Vagueiro:“我优选健康早餐。”

John Vagueiro says too few entrepreneurs skip breakfast in an effort to grab a coffee and get to hustling. He says this is a mistake, since food intake is what fuels energy and ambition.
John Vagueiro说很少有企业家不吃早餐,喝杯咖啡就匆忙去上班。他说那样不对,因为吃东西才能让你充满能量和追求。


9.“I read for a half hour.” Mark Fisher, Mark Fisher Fitness and Business for Unicorns
9. Mark Fisher Fitness and Business for Unicorns的Mark Fisher:“我阅读半小时。”

 After he meditates, Mark Fisher grabs a coffee, a green juice and a water and cracks open a book. This ritual allows him to keep up with the ever-changing demands of his job.
Mark Fisher冥想之后会喝一杯咖啡、蔬菜汁和水,再打开一本书。这一习惯使他能随时了解工作中不断变化的需求。


10.“I walk my dog.” Desmonde Monroe, The Monroe Group
10. The Monroe Group的Desmonde Monroe:“我遛狗。”

Because Desmonde Monroe, travels frequently for work, he doesn’t get as much quality time with his dog, Rocky. So when he's home? He makes sure to walk his pup in the morning, which serves as a relaxing start to the day.
Desmonde Monroe经常要出差,不能好好陪他的狗Rocky,所以在家的时候早上一定会遛狗,也是一天轻松的开始。