The summer job is a rite of passage for many kids, who are encouraged by their parents to get out of their hair and go and learn valuable lessons about responsibility, the value of money and hard work.

Whether you were saving for a bike, your first car, a prom dress or whatever, we all went in with high expectations of independence and feeling like a proper adult. However those expectations are not always met!

Jimmy Fallon did us all a service by asking people to share their worst summer job experiences in one of his legendary hashtag challenges. Needless to say, there are some absolute classics in there! Scroll down to check out a list of Bored Panda's favorites below, and feel free to share your own in the comments!


1.I worked at a historic site once where I had to dress as a bison and be chased by hordes of 5 year olds in a bison hunt. Once after being killed in the bison hunt I was breathing too heavily from running. One of them yelled”it’s alive” and punched me in the face.


2.I was 10 and went to my grandfather farm he gave me 10 $ to be a scar crow. I stood there in the sun yelling for an hour until my mom came and yelled at him.


3.I was hired at an elderly people’s home for patients with dementia. On my first day I accidently pressed the door button and the old people escaped. We had to run through town rounding them up.


4.As a public school teacher in North Carolina, I don’t make much money. So I had to deliver pizzas one summer. My second delivery was to one of my former students. Her first words,”what, you get fired?”


5.Woring at a nursing home at 17 year old. A woman of 79 year old accused me of stealing and wearing her adult diaper to steal her 87-year-old boyfriend cause It padded my butt and made me appear to have a butt like hers that he loved. She never allowed me in her room after that...


6.Had a job walking five chihuahuas. When they got tired, I had to carry them home. TWo in my arm, two on my shoulders and one on my head.


7.When I had to play Kid(uncredited) every summer for 3 years.


8.I was babysitting two kids. One ran out the front door, one went out the back. When I ran around the house to find them, they ran back inside, locked me out, and turned the sprinklers on.


9.I earned $30 working construction for a temp agency one day in college. When I finished, there was a $35 parking ticket on my car. I refer to it as the day I paid to work...