What are your 10 best study tips? How to study long hours?


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My ten best study tips are as follows:

1.Wake up early—at the latest, 6A.M.

2.Go to bed 7–9 hours before you plan on waking up. No more, no less.

3.Don’t hit snooze. Little 8–10 minute breaks of sleep right when you are waking up will absolutely destroy your focus for the day. The body is not designed to sleep in such short rapid bursts.

4.Stay awake for 15–17 hours a day. This is incredibly important. Everybody worries about how long you sleep, but you need to be awake for a certain amount of time, or you’ll be destroyed.

5.Always eat a good breakfast. Carbohydrates fuel the brain for a few hours in the morning, and they are best.

6.When you sit down to work, eliminate all distractions. Put your phone on do not disturb. Don’t even have a penny on the desk.

7.Set alarms. Don’t study for too long at once, and when your alarm goes off, take a deliberate break, or you’ll feel fatigued and will begin easily losing focus.

8.If you skip meals, you are bound to fail.

9.Remove all other subconscious distractions from your mind. This is one of the most important and overlooked elements of learning. Get off social media—permanently. Sell your smartphone if you can. Don’t watch mindless television shows. All these things fill your subconscious brain layer and make focusing for long periods of time more difficult.

10.Relax in the evenings. Without rest, you will lose your ability to focus. Your brain needs time to rest, but remember, that doesn’t mean endless hours on social media, reading news, or watching TV. Those three things are the enemies of success, and the destroyers of the mind.