When it comes to life very few things are certain.

It's the same when it comes to your career.

Throughout your professional life, you’ll continue to encounter change, big or small, positive and negative, voluntary and involuntary.

You can either actively resist it, or you can accept it and figure out what you can learn from, and how to, leverage the situation. 

Here are 4 of the most common changes you can expect to see at work, and how to deal with it so you can continue to thrive in the workplace.

Sometimes what the company looks like when you joined looks nothing like the company you’re still working at 2 years later. 

This especially common in a startup–which tends to start without structures and systems in place. 

As the company scales, those things become necessary, and sometimes, it can change the company culture.

The first step is acknowledging that structure isn’t necessarily a bad thing, and simply accept the fact that it comes with company growth.

In the case of Airbnb, for example, the home-sharing company found itself with far too many internal meeting as the company grew. Their solution? they started filming the meetings and editing them into digestible content–which solved a problem and got rid of unnecessary bureaucracy.

Your brain might be averse to change, but with time and a shift in perspective, you can learn to accept it. 

And if you train yourself to be comfortable with uncertainty, you might just see opportunities as a result of those changes that you might not have had otherwise.