Zits are what happen when the oil glands in your skin get clogged and pus is what comes out when you pop them.

But don't pop them! It only spreads infection and can make your embarrassing zits even worse!

Zits do not care about color, sex, or age, everyone from teenagers to grannies get zits. In fact, zits can be found on the faces and bodies of over 70 million people!

A lot of things can cause zits. Including stress, and a build-up of toxins including infection. Stress is not just a mental state of being, it can also affect your physical wellness. If you have an infection, it will find an outlet through pimples.

During your teen years your body starts to do somefunky things while it grows up, including producing more testosterone (a male hormone found in females as well as males, but in varying amounts), which tells your body to start producing more oil. As a result, the dead skin cells mix with the oil and clog your pores, causing zits.

There are a few kinds of zits, all undesirable, but some more than others. When your skin is clogged up with enough skin cells and oil, you get whiteheads; a small white bump under the surface of the skin. When it reaches the surface, it appears black and a blackhead develops. It isn't a dark color because of dirt, but rather from melanin pigments (the stuff that gives color to your skin and hair).

If the wall of the pore breaks, it can become inflamed and red. If it breaks further below the skin's surface acne nodules or cysts can form. It is important to get these treated, unless of course you want permanent scars.

Did you know?

Chocolate doesn't cause acne. Experiments conducted at the University of Pennsylvania and the U.S. Naval Academy found that consumption of chocolate - even frequent daily dietary intake - had no effect on the incidence of acne. Professional dermatologists no longer link acne with diet.

Think that only dirty people get zits? Nope. Clean people get zits too. Bacteria (the good and bad kinds)lurk in everyone's skin.

Will scrubbing my face a lot get rid of my zits? Sorry Snoopy, although washing your face is necessary, stripping your face of the natural oils cause your glands to go into hyper-drive to make up for it, which will lead to even more breakouts! You should only wash your face gently with a mild cleanser no more than twice a day.






把青春痘简单地分成轻中重度其实是毫无价值的,应该分成炎性和非炎性两种对采取什么样的治疗比较有帮助。非炎性的包括黑头粉刺、白头粉刺与毛孔扩大。所以,黑头、白头、毛孔大,这些都是青春痘的早期阶段,一般属于轻度,只要及时治疗,一般不会留下斑痕。但是,如果用手挤压,或者使用粗暴的方法也可能发炎,同样会留下斑痕;油脂在毛孔中越积越多,痘痘越来越大最后形成面泡和脓疱,出现“红肿”和“触摸痛”,这就是炎性青春痘。 “炎性”痘痘会留下斑痕,这些斑痕不可能完全消退。所以,“炎性”青春痘要尽早治疗,以免留下永久性斑痕。越早治疗,越不易留下斑痕。